Youtube Up & Running – My MAC Lipstick Collection Video With Dupes

Hey all,

Just want to apologize for my lack of videos going up on the tube as promised – I’m finding myself unhappy with the looks I’ve filmed as of late, and am on the fence as to wether or not they should ever meet the light of day.  I want to stay consistent and on point, but sometimes that means things not working out as well as you would have liked (but how to learn to let go… that is the question).

In any case, thanks so much for sitting tight – I only want to bring you the best I’m capable of, and know that I’m always thinking of ways to improve and better both my schedule and technique!

I’m also SO excited to be hosting the giveaway for the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette, so know that the tutorial will be up next – someone is going to be a happy lassie with that gorgeous palette on their way to them!

To hold you off, here’s my MAC lipstick collection – swatched with full dupe options should you not want to splurge!

I’ll be heading to Toronto next week (excitedly), the land of Chipotle and NYX stores… I’ll be bringing everything I need to film and take pictures while I’m there, but the tempo will most likely be a bit slower than usual – it’s my vacay time!  Those NYX Ultimate Shadow palettes will be mine (the makeup greed is real).

On a separate note, it’s finally beginning to feel like summer, and I’m revelling in festival shorts, sunnies, all things coconut-scented, and bikinis.  After such a long winter it feels so freeing to just sit in the sun and do nothing.



Electric Blue Halo Eye & Everyday Natural Nose/Face Contour Tutorial

Hey everyone, just re-uploaded this video (I originally posted it this morning, not realizing it wasn’t in HD), so I backtracked and now you have the new and improved (what it was supposed to be in the first place) version :).

I’ve been in a bit of a mood lately.  My coffee machine is broken (big heartache right there), it forever feels like I can’t keep up with housework and activities to keep little busy, and I’ve been in a bit of a comparison rut.  You know, when you scour instagram and unfairly compare yourself to everyone else.  I’m pretty sure I’m just overtired and overthinking things, but it was exactly the motivation I needed to get back on track with the only competition that actually exists – the one with myself.

It has been really hard finding time to dedicate to the things I love.  The things I indulged in effortlessly before baby.  Everything works against you, and it can feel impossible to get anything done (lets not even talk about the guilt doing things for yourself alone brings when you have others to think of).  Regardless, when I do release a picture, video, or blog post out into the world, I gain an ounce of comfort in pushing myself to do something creative amidst the everyday chaos.  To constantly be working on something that’s part of a collective.  To publish things I’m proud of, regardless of it being the best, and all the while I’m learning.  Today I got my Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette (which I’ll be doing a giveaway with the second one I ordered with it), and felt so elated to have new tools to imagine into reality.  New options, less holding me back from what I already know.

I know I made a promise to not buy any makeup for the entire year (and have clearly broken that oath repeatedly – my Modern Renaissance palette is en route as we speak), but with the failure of that promise has come the birth of my Youtube channel, and the motivational pushes I sometimes need to stay consistent and curious.

Tit for tat I suppose.


When Too Much Is Never Enough…

I can’t keep up with all the makeup things I want/need/can’t live without.  It’s like just when you’ve satisfied one craving, another flavour comes out, consuming you in it’s entirety.  Of course I feel like an asshole for giving into the want.  For moving on so quickly to something new and shiny before the last is anywhere near even remotely touched.

It’s brainwash.

I’m a victim.

I have so much beautiful makeup, luckily get sent it on the regular, and maintain the essentials with frugal drugstore finds.  Thing is, makeup lasts forever (well, almost).  At least eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners do in my case.  It takes time to use stuff up, even when you use it on the daily.  While having a massive collection is definitely nothing to bitch about, just like a closet filled with too many clothes makes getting dressed more complicated, more makeup (in my case), means more time spent on my face.  Time that is pretty hard to come by in the first place with a toddler running around.  At the same time, I love that it slows me down to do something for myself.  It is so relaxing to swatch things and play around with the colours and textures that make up a look.  In any case, my point is that when it comes to makeup and clothes, there will forever be something that I don’t have, that I want.  And it’s a horrible habit.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.35.01 PM

I don’t want to be a greed monster.  Sure, I want to evolve and experiment with new things, techniques, and artistry’s, but it shouldn’t depend on the latest and greatest.  I truly believe that true creativity comes out of using what you have.

That being said, I need the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?!


My Natural Skincare Routine & DIY Beauty Hacks

With the summer sun, comes endless days and nights.  Early mornings filled with fresh air and hands on outdoorsy activities, trailing into dusk.  Maybe it’s the humidity, or maybe it’s just my body – regardless, I’m finding it a tad challenging keeping up without a daily two coffee minimum.  Hence the minute absence from blogging and makeup looks.  Hence the overall lack of “slayage” happening in general.  If I’m being completely honest, my body feels in dire need of a real rest.  Uninterrupted sleep.  A scorching bubblebath filled with Lush everythings.  A day of nothing.  A massage.  A million undereye refresher patches.  Room service.  I think it’s just past my bedtime at this point and I’m rambling… but how good do white robes and bacon in bed sound?

With all these pamper-based yearnings, I give you my latest Youtube video – every single natural product I put on my body on the regular (and most of them stolen from the fridge/pantry).  Of course I try new products here and there when sent to me, but truly, these are the only ones I’ll actually buy with my own money.  For whatever reason, most products just knock my skin off balance and make me break out, so these are the trusted few that I always end up crawling back to (on my hands and knees might I add).

Sorry in advance if the quality of the video is off – please remember that I film each and every one of my blockbuster hits with my iPhone, and rely on our mother earth’s sun as my ultra glam ring light.  Despite owning an amazing Canon camera, I fully enjoy the simplicity of filming, editing, and posting everything directly from my phone without any finicky setup or transfers.  I’m a big fan of using what you have, and feel so liberated by how convenient my little setup is, I don’t think I’d change it even if I could (ok, maybe just an iPhone upgrade – slightly better camera).  So excuse the blemishes, the shadows, the inconsistent light, blur, and general overt simplicity of my youtube style, but I think it may just be here to stay (at least until I’m done having all five of my kids, and they’re all in school, and we’ve moved into a mansion to house all the gear it seems to take to do this professionally).  For now, my little dollar store phone holder stuck to the window where the whole world can watch me make embarrassing faces is giving me a bang for my buck.

And while we’re on the subject of skincare, I give you Samantha.  Because she’s talking about Lush (also a fave), and because look at her.

That is all.


Thankful – A Message To The Universe

Just wanted to say thank you for all the beauty and blessings in my life.  I pinch myself everyday.  I can’t believe it.

I appreciate everyone’s support and positivity.  They are diamonds in my life. My boy, my everything.  My man, my anchor.  My family, my loves.  I’m living the best days of my life in this very moment, and know they will continue to grow stronger as time passes.

Thank you for this freedom.  For these choices.  For the health of those I love.  I will forever live my life with efforts of making it easier for those around me.  Caring for them in every way I know how.

Time is so precious, I appreciate each and every second of my days.

Thank you,


L’Oreal Colour Riche Limited Edition 2016 Lipstick & Polish Collection

TGIF beauties!
This eye swoon showed up at my door last week and I’ve been fussing over it since.  Five pink lippies with six nail shades to match from L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Collection.  I’m not usually a pink person, but these bright summery hues are perfection.  I can’t stop imagining them with a full on bronzed face, no eyeliner, and a white bikini by the sea.  This assortment is the ultimate travel companion for the polished jet setter looking for something both effortless and chic at once.

Polishes from left to right – Jennifer, Eva, Liya, Doutzen, Julianne, and Blake

Lipsticks from bottom to top – Julianne, Doutzen, Liya, Blake, and Jennifer


April Favourites

Hey guys,

So sorry I’ve been so bad with the blog.  If feels like I have a million projects all on the go at once, with no real time to conquer any one of them in a sitting.  We’re also in the midst of preparing for a rather large life transition, so I’m doing everything in my ability to prepare in the meantime.  My blog has always been a place I could confide in.  A place for personal exploration, vents of frustration, and moments shared.  Sadly, as adult responsibility kicks in, my blog is no longer what feels like a safe zone for voicing concerns, or private matters that regard family matters.  This is not to say that I won’t continue to share my life with you all, but rather to state the obvious change that has undergone over the last few years.  I want to have a bit more fun with you all.  Leave the heavy at the door.  We’ve all got our struggles, doubts, and dilemmas, but I want my site to be something of a recluse.  For you, and for me.  A place to be frivolous, silly, self indulgent, and calm.  Of course I can’t guarantee that I won’t occasionally pour my heart out in a post, but for now, I’m in the happiest place of my life, feel as blessed as can be, and just want to ride this wave as long as I possibly can.  With you.  Life is beautiful!

So grab a glass of wine (or coffee, or kombucha), and enjoy my first-ever favourites video.

Girl time can be SO good.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Couldn’t be luckier to be your mom.  You’re my soul mate, my wild shrimp, my everything.

My greatest gift is in you.


My First Ever (Edited) Youtube Makeup Tutorial!

M gosh it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to sit down and have a little moment on the blog!  I’ve missed this little piece of my little world.

While I’ve been keeping myself busy with little guy, I’ve also been spending more time than I’d like to admit on snapchat and youtube – video is such a new realm for me, and quite honestly I’m fascinated by it.  It’s been what feels like forever since I initially started tinkering with the possibility of learning video editing and creating any kind of consistency on my Youtube.  I am so inspired by vlogs and the intimacy they allow, but was always intimidated by the amount of time it takes to edit and set up video projects.  And then my husband introduced me to Casey Neistat.  And then I found Jordi from It’s Likely Makeup, a makeup artist mom of two with killer skill who just started tutorials with her iPhone and selfie stick (inspiration!).  Just like that all my paranoia of having to have the perfect setup, video quality, and studio-style editing melted away.  I realized that I was missing the point if I didn’t think the important thing was really just getting the technique/thought across to you guys.  The communication.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I kinda love the grainy, raw effect of my phone (ain’t nobody got time to be tinkering with lighting with a toddler running around the house – sunshine will do)!  I’m digging that the makeup shows up without professional lighting, ready for real life (and daytime at that).  That being said, I’m still learning basic editing tricks, but am SO HAPPY I FINALLY JUST WENT AND DID IT!!!  So be a doll and go check it out (it will only take 5 minutes of your time, and my there is a special celebrity appearance throughout ;P), show it some love, and subscribe to join me in my newfound video journey!


Highlight Hack – Annabelle Gleam

There are so many products out there that just don’t get enough love!  

I occasionally forget that many makeup palettes/items are really repackaged versions of other products (sometimes even within the same line).  It’s easy to fall under the spell of the latest must have “it” item – $50 sold out highlighters and all (yeah, yeah, I know I’m late to the party).  Fact is, I love the strobing trend (who doesn’t), but refuse to shell out the hard cash to bring it to my own face.

SO, I did a little digging within my own kit and have been using Annabelle single eyeshadow in Gleam as my go to for a quick pop of glow to polish off my looks.  $5 people.  Nuff said.  Swatch it (it’s the lightest taupey gold shade), and pick it up next time you hit the pharmacy makeup aisle.  Also totally loving Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow in Grammy Goes Glammy if you’re looking for something truly reflective (and it’s only $4!).


P.S. It’s super travel size friendly 🙂