Me, Myself & I



Twenty-eight year-old Montreal native Robyn Chalmers studied a blend of fine arts and fashion design before finding herself in the blogging and social media profession.  Having started her blog in an effort to infuse her life with a touch of creativity (during times of heavy-paperwork employment), it’s management and associations quickly allowed her to develop her passion into a full-time career.  Through creating personalized written and visual content for beauty, fashion, and online lifestyle brands, she continues to contribute to the representation and marketing of these companies in a fitting voice that captures her essence – and their objectives.  She is proud to be the online brand ambassador for makeup giant Annabelle Cosmetics, and regularly produces blog, twitter, and youtube video posts for their growing fan base.

Recently turning towards in-print challenges as an ongoing contributor to Dress To Kill Magazine, she grows increasingly interested in the controversial topics surrounding the fashion/beauty industry, and it’s seemingly impenetrable, enigmatic characters.  Infinitely inspired by colourful folk and contemporary art/illustrations, travelling, beauty icons, and powerful personalities of decades past (Tim Blanks being amongst the few exceptions to the modern rule), she strives to emulate the talents and in-depth explorations of traditional/classic writers.

Robyn and her blog have been featured in magazines such as ELLE Canada, FASHION, Clin D’Oeil, LouLou, KILL Mag, and Medium, as well as local newspapers Metro, 24H, The Gazette, The Mirror, and Journal de Montreal.  Her New York fashion week encounters have been published in award-winning, luxury lifestyle magazine LUSH.  She hopes to develop her skills further into the eventual publication of a book, while continuing to explore and understand her art and photography.