BryJin’s Photographic Illustrations

BryJin’s Photographic Illustrations

Today’s unbelievable find?

The duo behind BryJin’s photography and animated gif fashion illustrations.  I stumbled upon them via instagram and was instantly hooked (I mean how often do you love every single piece an artist puts out… I’m thinking it may have something to do with my natural attraction to red lippy).

Who are they?

          Fashion photographer Bryant Eslava just recently picked up from Orange County Cali to make the passionate move to NYC in an effort to pursue his dreams.  Illustrator Hajin Bae (originally from Seoul, Korea) finds inspiration for her creation through photography (don’t you love it when fashion puzzle pieces find themselves?)… the result?  BryJin, a fresh blend of graphic illustration and retro photography and effects.  They make me want to get back to doing my illustrations <3 (invaluable)!

Don’t let this rare talent out of sight!

Follow them on instagram, twitter and through their official site/blog!


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