In Case You Weren’t Already Etsy Obsessed…

In Case You Weren’t Already Etsy Obsessed…

…I decided to bestow upon you a few of my very favourite curations… now’s the time to lock yourself out of your paypal, and hide your credit cards (you’ve been warned!).  It’s amazing how addictive shopping for handmade goods can be (and the satisfaction that follows, knowing you’re supporting an individual as opposed to an operation).  And the range!  From tea to tarot cards, crystals to crochet… it’s all there (at such amazing prices, for the most part!).  Here’s my list of must-haves…


  • I have a soft spot for sloths.  Some people find them creepy (I don’t blame them when you see pics of them on the ground… disturbing, right?), but I think their smug smiles and mellow pace of life is adorable.  Literally defenceless creatures (despite the morbid looking claws).  This adorable felt addition brings the option of purchasing an entire felt playground accompaniment alongside it (snuggle bag and food included!).  Interested in making your own sloth lover?  Buy the pdf to recreate this crochet cutie.
  • The ceramic header up top was actually sold, but the shop it came from has some gorgeous, equally delicate pieces.  Check out these walnut shells made from fine china with a gold finish…
  • Interested in trying your hand at making your own beeswax candles?  This seller sells beeswax in bulk, purely organic and natural – from their own hives.  I love it (and will attempt lip chaps of my own).  If you need some inspiration as to what you can do once you’ve mastered the basics, check out this black skull candle, and these great aromatherapy finds.


  • Etsy may be one of the single greatest sources for supplies.  I’m always looking for yarn alternatives for my knitting to create different textures, effects, and illusions (could you imagine how pretty a crochet lace would look with the paper yarn above?  Or even pastel baker’s twine?).  I found an amazing company that cuts up old t-shirts to make yarn.  I don’t know if I’ll give them an order, the whole idea of it has me wanting to create baskets and baskets of the stuff for myself!
  • I’m a buff when it comes to semi-precious stones with healing properties.  Crystals, quartz, discoloured sapphires – you name it.  I’ve been thinking a lot about little worship spaces within the home, but really love when you can wear the energies too.  This ring, although huge, is just stunning (and hopefully loaded with powerfully beneficial energies).
  • For those of you with baby girls and boys, I love the cloth diaper movement happening all over again.  I’m pro microfiber all the way!  Additionally, baby slings are awesome.


  • I’ve had a huge crush on Red Sofa jewelry for a long time now (can you blame me?).  Not only is it a small enough world where I met the designer herself at a wedding trade show, but one of my best friends sports her creations alongside her husband as their wedding bands (romance!).  With a real elvish charm to her jewelry (that’s actually what the above rings are called), the gorgeous natural stones she uses, paired with oxidized silver make for a beautifully organic pair.  I’m saving up for a finger full of them.
  • Stained glass became an obsession when I woke up to the light passing through my windows, and thought of my late grandmother.  In her house by the dining room table, still hangs one of the beautiful pieces she bought off an artist.  It’s a simple blue flower with a long stem, and it makes me remember the day we all noticed it hanging there over a home cooked dinner.  She was always one to very carefully select the things she spent her money on, introducing only the well-researched, and items she couldn’t recreate herself.  This plant holder is a lit dream.


  • Here kitty kitty… there is a plethora of hand knit crafts and animals prowling Etsy (for grown ups and kiddies alike).  They all have me wanting to master the art of making them at home… amongst my inspirations are the felted tea party set, this stuffed octopus and rhino, the too-cute for words pool party bear, and sweet crocheted bunny (with yellow overalls of course).
  • For the boys and femme fatales out there, these gun soaps are pretty cool (maybe even a tad too realistic to wake up to in the shower…).
  • Similarly from Montreal, is designer Tamara Bavdek of This Ilk Designs.  What happens when lace teams up with delicate chain?  Gorgeous body harnesses and jewelry (featuring yours truly!).





  • Many people have been asking me about my recent phantom-looking purchase.  Guess where I scored it?  Now please let it be known that I am not generally a knockoff supporter (not because of the products themselves, but because of the other industries whose threats are exponential, that are generally directly sourced from the same place), but for the handmade of almost identical quality – count me in.  What do I love about it?  There is no logo or brand name (as in additional advertising to the corporate giant you’re already dishing out $3,000 to dangle off your arm), and the price is right.  For $140 after shipping, made with pebbled cow leather, the investment suits me perfectly.  I understand that for many this is an area of grey to which they’d never step outside of the designer spectrum.  In my case, for a bag whose aesthetic I love that fits within a rational budget, it’s an amazing, even favourable substitute.  Besides, if it truly is the style you’re after, why are you letting the brand hold you back?
  • Back to at-home shrines.  I’m not a religious person per say, but spiritual, definitely.  I love angels, goddesses, and mythological figures who defeated the seemingly impossible.  They give me strength, protection, and the will power to pursue.  Mother earth gets my utmost respect (gotta love Gaia), this beautiful vintage travelling Tibetan Monk shrine just blows my mind, the idea of this Hindu shrine decked out in my archangel aesthetic gets me dreaming, and of course a little light coming in through the window via this stained glass angel is both uplifting and delicate.  Need a more cutting-edge fix to get you going both creatively and thankfully?  This artistic photo print of a Brooklyn life-sized shrine is too clever.


  • Back to bag talk… yet another source for a calfskin equivalent to the real Balenciaga thing (sans gloss).  This shop has so many beautiful things, including a Proenza Schouler styled urban day bag.  There!  I’ve let all of my deepest and darkest Etsy secrets out of the well stitched bag… use them well!
  • Baby toy time… I don’t think I’ll ever step foot in a Toys R Us when I eventually start a family of my own.  How cool are these wooden eggs?
  • There are some truly talented people in this world.  Like the ones who can pick up a crochet needle and make this.  Check out her entire shop, her creations are phenomenal (and make a grandma’s art oh-so fashion relevant).  On a similar crochet disbelief note, this baby hammock, these facecloths, and this newborn lily pad work for me.


  • A six month tea subscription?  Sign me up Scotty!  Not only will you want to browse for hours reading every caption in this virtual tea shop, but they offer specialized packages where two of their best selling teas automatically show up at your door each month.  The perfect gift for the avid hibernator!
  • Finding the perfect skin solution can be hard, expensive, and even wasteful when you have uber sensitive, acne-prone skin.  Since I made the leap to using primarily organic products when I wash and hydrate, I’ve forever kept on my hunt for the effective and handmade with heart.  This powder face wash, all natural sunscreen, and lightweight lavender facial lotion have me wanting to try them all.
  • There are some gorgeous vintage lingerie pieces around, but these glow in the dark solar system undies were what stole my heart.


Have amazing Etsy store love (and finds?), please share – I’d love to build my list of favourites for future posts!


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