Words From the Wise… Inner Strength

Words From the Wise… Inner Strength

We all experience days where negativity tries to creep into our lives and destroy our mood, concentration and positive outlook.  Sometimes we alone just do not have the strength to fight back and focus on the good and positive all around us.  I like keeping inspirational books and quotes all around me from famous, influential men and women who are the imaginary cheerleaders of my life :)  Sometimes all you need to hear is that perfect line to get you back on track and feeling right as rain.  These quotes are taken from a book Kanye West made.  Yes… unbelievable considering his recent stunts, but nobody can deny this man is an unstoppable powerhouse.  He accomplished the impossible when absolutely nobody believed in him.  His determination may sometimes be confused with delusion, but this man truly inspires me.  The world sees him as a cocky, arrogant asshole (and I’m not sure I disagree…) however when you are your own rock, I can understand how someone could react this way in the feat for self preservation.  He talks big, but he also happens to deliver.  I saw his concert not too far back and they were giving these books out.  Thank you Kanye… these quotes and life experiences have gotten me through many hard days and gotten me back on track to positive fulfillment.

Enjoy, and I hope these words bring as much value to your life as they do to mine on a regular basis.


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