514 Outfit Post – Glossed Wildflower

514 Outfit Post – Glossed Wildflower

I am one of those people who strongly believe in experiencing each and every day differently – regardless of the same old circumstances.

Today I ordered a party tray of sushi (if you live in the 514 you HAVE to try this place – my fave and they deliver!) all for myself (of course I shared with studio visitors), made my eyebrows disappear from caking enough wax/concealer/powder on them to make my face feel like Halloween came early this year and completely re-zen’d my studio space.  I also got some marvelous news that I will be the official English blogger for this years Montreal Fashion Week (all access VIP treatment is what I’ve set my sights on… model harassment, or rather just eating all the backstage food works for me)!

Very exciting!

Just as exciting is rediscovering my love for old Nelly Furtado (before Timbaland corrupted her folk anthems), coming to the realization that all electronics hate me (and the love is very fairly returned) and that I truly love everything about the new couch that just took up residence here in the F514 studio!

I love it so much I feel like it deserves a name!

Renalda?  Beatrice?  Suzie-Lee?

Oh!  I almost forgot… my love for suede and gloss (at the same time) has hit an all-time high.  I want to wear everything in contrast all at once!

I gotta admit, I am in a very rebellious fashion state as of late… I want nothing to do with the trends and am truly craving some strange-ass combinations.  Could I be fashion preggo’s (whatever the hell that means)?

I really need to start sketching again and getting into that groove… nothing out there is really exciting my senses this season.  I should in the very least be indulging in the never ending stories of my own imagination…

In other news, September will prove to be filled with hard work and big rewards!  I am in the process of planning a very incredible party to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, Annabelle launches it’s official blog (on their site) sometime next week and of course fashion week preparations have already started!

Amongst all the chaos and incredible energy that will be bubbling around this month, I refuse to abandon my personal life and time with friends and family.  Balance in my life starts now – everything else can wait.  I am done with imposing unnecessary stress and pressure on myself – it always proves to be pointless and extremely counterproductive.  Work has always been a huge part of my lifestyle – it’s time to enjoy it to the core.


What I’m Wearing

  • Miss Sixty Dress
  • Guiseppe Zanotti Wedges
  • H&M Earrings
  • Eye gloss that kicks eyeshadow’s ass big time!!!!  WOOHOO – I LOVE it!

Goodnight darlings


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