514 Outfit Post – MOON Ambassador

514 Outfit Post – MOON Ambassador

It’s been a while!  I’ve kind of gotten stuck in this twilight-esque area where you work so intently on a post it becomes intimidating (wait for it, I just gotta push myself through it – it’ll be a heavy one)!  Days melt into another, and before I know it, weeks have already passed sans post.

In light of getting back on track, I am proud to announce that MOON Apparel (the latest perfected formula to escape the Mimran family), has selected me as one of their blogger ambassadors in honour of their newly launched online store!  They were kind enough to send me pieces I don’t even think I could have chosen as perfectly for myself (they definitely broke down my formula for dress).  I’ve gotta say, I was very impressed by the cuts, fits, quality, and style of everything I was so lucky to receive (having never enjoyed a real MOON experience prior).  Definitely a brand I am proud to stand by and represent – their clothing is spot on.

What I’m Wearing

 To be perfectly honest with you, with the adoption of a new lifestyle, daily exercise, and prioritizing things I never have before in my life, somewhere in the mix my style identity got a little confused.  Easing into running shoes to jog to where I need to be, nixing the makeup, and never seeming to be able to take enough showers in a day (lets not even bring up the aftermath of a detox your skin must face), I didn’t bother much with wearing my norms.  When I got these items, it was just what I needed to get excited about dressing in a civilized fashion once more.  I started feeling the amazing results of stretching my body, sweating toxins out, and then being able to enjoy how light I felt, all the while indulging in something that made me feel feminine and powerful.  I reconnected with the simplicity of the things I like, and how dressing really isn’t about overcomplicating or confusing.  It is, basically, all about comfort of self.  It also seemingly brought out an urge to unpack my needles and thread and repair old favourites I’ve been stashing in the closet to get fixed.  There is something to be said about a quality wardrobe that can be maintained and preserved over time.  Historical identities and memories over the course of your lifetime (should you chose to not give into the futuristic disposable crunch the garment industry can sometimes spin out).  For the record, quality has virtually nothing to do with price anymore.  I’ve found clothing and accessories of better quality at cheaper price points than their designer counterparts (and I’m talking about brands and stores that are literal worlds apart).  In this day and age, dishing out the cash will hardly get you more (so easily you can be played for a fool if you’re not careful).  When vintage shopping, the best advice I could possibly give out is that you should feel as though you ripped the vendor off by the end of the transaction.  My man does the dirty negotiation work for me, and just last week scored me an amazing 80’s wool Valentino sleeved pencil skirt dress number (and Longchamp chocolate brown nylon handbag) for the unbelievable amount of $120.  He’s a keeper.

This iconic, classic-cut camel jacket not only has a versatile simplicity to it – it really allows you to tap into the different style vibes various decades have to offer.  Pair with an A line dress and opaque tights for a take on Twiggy (mary jane stilettos add the perfect punch), or pull a fifties-inspired all American meets Paris a la Jackie O – full with blue jeans and ballet flats.  This jacket will take you from fall to spring trends full circle, forever staying relevant and sophisticated.

Although you sadly can’t see much of the sweater dress I’m wearing, long sleeves and over the bottom options are always go-to comfort staples when the weather gets chilly.  Pulled over jeans, tights, leggings, or worn just as when the sunshine comes out to play (or paired with knee high boots), it’s one of those looks that gets you through any occasion regardless of your mood.

Fresh daisies on my coffee table are my godsend when working at home… really appreciating the beauty and longevity of fresh cut wildflowers…

… pssst… remember the name on the brown paper bag – best french deli sandwiches in town (I’m a mega fan of the ham and dijon baguette – ask for pickles and tomatoes to really send your tastebuds into sensory delight)… as for the coffee, I’ll take a Le Cartet soy latte svp!

 A few night shots featuring the alternate outfit sent for me…

What I’m Wearing

Check out the full interview I did on MOON’s Yellow Dot Blog, and hold out for my big news (already announced on fb)… details to come shortly!


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