514 Outfit Post – Neon Fray Oblivion

514 Outfit Post – Neon Fray Oblivion

I don’t know what was in the air today, but people in my area were completely at a loss for general intelligence, manners, and co-ordination.  I don’t know how many people rudely walked/bumped into me and replied to any question I may have had obtusely.  Maybe I’m tuning into how the world runs these days a little more than usual, but I actually witnessed a couple on a cafe/resto terrace sprawled out while massaging each others feet (gross… I mean c’mon – it’s a public place where others consume food!).  I really hate to have to point it out, but considering the beauty that is Montreal, the people who fill it these days do little to add to it’s coveted appeal.  It’s almost as if the people are shallow shells of beauty with no real meaning or credibility behind their outer illusion (who knows, maybe I’m one of them too).  Between the student protestors, the psychotic killer that ate his victim (whose case I fully intend on attending in the live), and the downtown dwellers, Montreal is loosing a bit of it’s charm as of late.  Maybe I live too in the middle of it all (thank god I’ll be moving somewhere quieter soon), but I can’t help but compare my beloved 514 to some other international cities I frequent (mainly Toronto and New York).  There is a general lack of class and overall treatment towards others that is really starting to get under my skin.

Business ethics are no different either – people constantly using and abusing without your consent (and contracts built to screw you).

While I love Montreal and it’s lifestyle, I’m beginning to get restless with the limited professional growth options (and salaries that trail behind).  I truly believe Montreal to be a place to reside and enjoy… to work and progress, you’ve got to get out.  I’m thrilled to have bought my condo in the heart of the city, but will continue to entertain a move to NYC in the next coming years for a jump into the wild…

What I’m Wearing

  • DVF silk chiffon printed top
  • Zara silk motif blazer
  • Forever 21 denim shorts
  • Gap purse
  • Giuseppe Zanotti wedge heels
  • Annabelle TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon in Royale

Of course the Atwater market remains one of my favourite 514 spots (especially in the summer and fall with all the flowers and pumpkins)…

(Day two of my Ciate caviar mani and the embedded pearls are still hanging in strong!)

How cool is this?  Water sourced from trees (pretty neat way of recycling).

What I’m Wearing

  • American Eagle Outfitters cotton eyelet lace top
  • Vintage Elie Tahari summer jacket (thrifted in Miami)
  • Diesel distressed washed out denim
  • H&M neon stilettos
  • Gap purse
  • Starbucks iced soy latte


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