Aragon Couture Fashion Show – Radio Lounge

Aragon Couture Fashion Show – Radio Lounge


Fashion shows seem to be finding me as of late!  Last week I played model for a fund raising event night showcasing the gorgeous Aragon Couture line at Radio Lounge on St. Laurent street here in the 514 – much fun!


Eric Hernandez Aragon, the creative mind behind Aragon Couture seems to have started his own thing with no signs of slowing down anytime soon… a graduate of LaSalle College (for those of you who were unaware, this is also where I studied fashion design), this is not Eric’s first show.  Featured locally in Le Lundi and showcased for Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design… he speaks of only many more fashion ventures to come… a star in the making!


Look mom!  It’s me!!!  Ahahaha… yet another shot of me trying to take myself seriously as a model… pfffft!  I truly ADORED the ensemble I was fitted in!  A gorgeous snakeskin-textured bustier paired with the tightest most divine black satin pencil skirt… YUMS!  Oh… and my hair all voluminous… I love!  I will be hunting down hairdressers soon for a potential wave-enhancing treatment (does this exist or is it something I dreamed up all by lonesome?).


I don’t think I really need to stress how beautiful both the outfits as well as the ladies were… oh so glam!




How freakin’ cute is she?



All the models with the brilliant designer…


I must admit – I did feel pretty glamour-tastic that night.  Loved the makeup, the mood of the clothing and the chill people that made it so laid back and such a success.  Thank you all for another fun memory and a special shout out to Hugo for the awesome picture documentation :)


Take a quick peep of what I saw backstage… be sure to hold out till the end to see the amazing bodypainter & model!


On a Side Note…

Hang tight for the winner of the Birks Giveaway!!!  Coming soon as promised!

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