Currently Coveting – Stella Jean Beachwear

Currently Coveting – Stella Jean Beachwear

This sweltering heat has had me poolside this past weekend.  I actually have something of a tan (a near impossible task considering how pale I naturally am).

I don’t know if it’s a local thing, but it has come to my attention that there is a certain blog war going on in the francophone community here in Montreal.  Two blogs supposedly racing and working against each other to prove that one over the other is better (I know right?!).  I’d just like to say to the two counterparts (who used to be good friends), that life is too short to have such short-sighted, petty visions.  Get over it (and yourself – I do not mean that in an aggressive sense), keep working hard, and stop comparing yourself to anyone other than your personal best.  It is so toxic and poisonous to put yourself in the same category as anyone else – everyone truly does have something unique to offer (especially from a blog/content perspective), that raising destructive competition is just silly and childish (not to mention a waste of your time and energy).  A healthy dose is always of course encouraged (everyone needs something that keeps pushing them on), but when you start focusing on someone/something else in such a negative sense, and using your talent to counteract whatever they are doing/saying, you are ignoring the authenticity you started everything with.

I will never understand how people can think attacking others with make them look better.  Defending yourself is one thing, playing the Blair Gossip Girl card is just downright humiliating.  Think about it from an outward perspective – name droppers always play the fool and inevitably lose credibility and respect (the only things bloggers really ever have going for them in the first place).

So smile and make up kids… you’re both exceptionally talented, beautiful, and relevant – don’t let it go to waste fighting an invisible battle.

Not that it’s any of my business or place – just my two cents!

I’ve been avidly reading Barb Stegemann’s The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen A woman’s guide to living & leading in an illogical world, and can’t help but really touch base with a lot of what she is saying.  The basis of her book is teaching women how to speak the international (predominantly paternal) language of business to reach success.  Philosophy has always been a tricky thing for women – many of the traditional texts by women authors are categorized as feminism, and it can be hard to relate entirely to male visionaries.  Barb stresses that as women we must stop fighting to change the system to make it our own, and adapt ourselves to the pre-existent language that runs the world already.  This by no means becoming men, or trying to use their qualities to get ahead.  It also doesn’t mean that women should be manipulating with beauty and sexuality (powers that have no place in business).  It stresses the code of the professional – not taking things in a personal/emotional sense, forming yourself into a woman of substance who can back what she claims to be, and harnessing a quiet confidence that will free you of your self-doubt.  It reminds women (and men), that making a difference and doing your own thing can go hand in hand (and why most peoples advice does not apply to you).  A few of my favourite philosophies thus far…

  • By controlling your intake of media, you are inevitably controlling your outcome.  When people come over to my home, one of the ever-expected questions I repeatedly get asked is always “where’s your TV?”.  Not only am I not a big fan of the mostly horrible shows on out there, but I’m never around to watch anything I actually do like (programming my life around shows is something I never understood or caught on to).  It’s already enough of a distraction having Netflix and being able to watch online movies on my iPad and computer!  What you read, watch, and see all affects you (wether you like it or not)… don’t let your head get filled up with nonsense (or eat up your very limited amount of time)!
  • Pull an Ancient Greece!  Know with confidence that the pile of work you keep trying to eat away at will indefinitely keep on piling up.  There is no reason why you should allow yourself to expel from hobbies and physical exercises that make you happy and keep you healthy.  Life really is about balance (as difficult as it may be to achieve), so focus on aligning mind, body and spirit.  It’s all about the total package.
  • “The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them knows anything about the subject.” Marcus Aurelius.  Stop torturing yourself with what other people think – stop sharing with them if they continuously offer advice they have no experience in (that only limits you and your vision).  Unless they’ve done it and lived it in exactly the same way you have, take what they say into consideration but not seriously.
  • Start wondering “what if”.  In my life this has always been something I’ve been told to steer clear of – don’t bother or stress yourself wondering if things could be different in your life.  Appreciate what you have, and know that everything is always meant to be.  Yes, well, sometimes, when you’re in a rut, you HAVE to start entertaining these thoughts (but not in the regretful sense).  Start asking yourself these “what if’s” in a dream sequence context… you never know where your thoughts will lead you!  Wondering is one thing though, acting upon these thoughts is another – start with little things (e.g. “what if I got accreditation for London fashion week”… now DO IT!).
  • Make it look easy, and be intense.  No one likes to work with a whiner, and no one likes to network with someone constantly complaining about everything they have on their plate (we’re all fighting the good fight, trust me).  Accept your work and responsibilities with pride and a humble demeanour.  Own them, and never be shy to show yourself in your truest form.  The most memorable people are always the ones who don’t try to dim themselves down to fit in with everyone else.  Be that shining star and know that the more in life you have (in every sense), the more work you have to put in to maintain it all.
  • Practice moderation, and know that it is what will make you happiest in life.  It’s been a while now that I’ve begun to see excess as junk more than anything else.  With real life comes real demands, real threats, and real fulfillment (if you know how to harness it properly).  Slimming down on the waste and distraction allows you to see clearer into the things you really love and want to be a part of.  Call it a value enhancer if you will… stop the spending, and put your lifestyle and mind to work in progressive ways.

Creepy but wonderful.

“Being myself the result of a commistio generis of at first sight contrasting races and cultures, I would like to promote, through fashion, an alternative and across-the-board cultural integration, without any kind of prejudice.

I would like to contrast the aseptic devices that identify the commercial nature of the product. I would like to reach with my creations the retailers who are interested in research all over the world.

Each client must be able to think that the clothes they are purchasing are not just the result of modern design but are also realized with age-old techniques, ancient gestures and many hands working alongside industrial production.

There are still some individuals who have an artistic sensitivity and a cultural heritage that must be spread.

Clothes tell such stories and are realized with the hand-made tradition passed on by such generations. I would like to keep on meeting visionnaires and not bookkeepers. It is fundamental to preserve, learn and integrate all  types of traditional techniques  without geographical boundaries.

Upsetting the traditional “final use” of some fabrics, integrating avant-garde design with fabric painting. A technique that for its skills and the time required (slow-fashion) for its realization goes against all speculative market rules.

A true revolution!”

-Stella Jean

“Elegance in the perfect balance between the eternal and the ephemeral.”

-Stella Jean

 Enjoy your start to the week… view Stella Jean’s amazing SS2012 collection here.

Thank you Matchstick for spotlighting me on your blog!  Check out the visual Q&A here.


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