Currently Loving – The 2 Bandits Shine On Collection Lookbook

Currently Loving – The 2 Bandits Shine On Collection Lookbook

All day I’ve been having something of a panic attack regarding the dreaded next-day-Monday blues.  I woke up with the type of anxiety that can only be soothed by seizing the day and making the most of it from an early start.  And I did.  But the feeling is back, and I’m avoiding the evening wind-down and eventual sleep.  When you think of how valuable free time, rest, relaxation, and enjoyment with those you love really is – getting sentenced back to an office full of acquaintances seems like punishment.  While both may be necessary in order to appreciate the contrast, I don’t feel quite ready to leave my little hibernation space (and I know I’m not alone here).

Monday, please take it easy on me this week.

This weekend we celebrated my brother’s 37th birthday, made holiday plans, indulged in cheese squares/nacho platters, and I finally figured out my gala gown ensemble for my mans Christmas party next weekend (formal dressing isn’t easy with a bump).  Filet mignon and a night full of dancing here I come (events are now marked in my mind by the food I will be inhaling).  Time to go wrap some gifts and fill those gaps under the tree while I wait for my steamed pudding to heat up…









Have a beautiful night, and empowering Monday (nevermind my melancholy)


P.S. How beautiful is this lookbook?  The model… the jewelry, the Arizona/south western aesthetic…

BTW – please excuse the seemingly everlasting glitch happening in my homepage “featured posts” header.  Ever since I updated WordPress my plugins have been acting up.  It’s driving me absolutely nuts, but alas I am dependent on web dudes to solve the mystery… so please be patient while they work their magic and look into it.

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