Bake It To Make It – Dino Sugar Cookies

Bake It To Make It – Dino Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies have forever been on my to-do list.  So delicious, so perfectly decorated.  A cookie beautiful enough to wrap up all by it’s lonesome and gift as is.  A sweet token packed with personality, perfectly sided with a strong cappuccino in the afternoon (I’ve exhausted this testing method through my encounters with this recipe – some might even call me a pro at this point).

Not the quickest recipe when it comes to cookies – but the extra effort, care, and essential attention paid to these simple delights are worth their weight in gold (especially when you realize how inexpensive they are to make, and how serene icing them is while listening to piano solos on Songza).  I’ve been tired out this past week, feeling a bit unable to keep up with all the stuff that needs to get done around the house – so these were a welcome project to still feel productive while being lazy all at once.

natural vanilla extract

I shy away from so many recipes (or procrastinate/hesitate trying them out), because they generally require so much “stuff”.  I don’t have an electric mixer (which makes meringue a nightmare to make), have no interest in spending all day tracking down extensive ingredient lists, and don’t care to spend obscene amounts of money on things I may potentially screw up or get wrong the first try.  The less something requires, the more fun I find it to be.  Here’s what I used (derived and modified from the Sweetopia recipe):

  • 2  1/2 cups unsalted butter (at room temperature – I left mine out overnight)
  • 2 cups raw organic sugar
  • 2 large organic/free range eggs
  • seeds from 1 vanilla bean (or 3 tsp vanilla)
  • 5 cups non-bleached all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt

dinosaur cookie cutters

1. Cream the butter and sugar together in a large bowl (I used two wooden spoons).  Mix until thoroughly incorporated, scraping down sides of the bowl to ensure you’ve gotten everything in.  Over mixing the butter and sugar in this step will cause too much air to be incorporated into the dough (causing the cookie to lose it’s sharp cookie-cutter shape).  

2. Add eggs slowly and mix.  Scrape down the bowl with your spatula at least once and mix again.

3. Cut open your vanilla bean and scrape the seeds out.  Add to mixing bowl.  Alternatively, add liquid vanilla extract.  Stir briefly.

4. Sift your dry ingredients together.  (Flour and salt).

5. Add all of the flour mixture to the bowl.  When the dough clumps around your spoon, it’s ready.  It’s also important at this stage not to over mix the dough (the glutens in the flour develop and the dough can become tough).

6. Roll the dough out between 2 large pieces of parchment paper (if you don’t have a roller like me, grab for a jar, or even the cardboard roll at the centre of your parchment paper – just make sure it’s covered with parchment and that the cardboard isn’t coming into contact with the cookie dough).  Place on a baking sheet and into the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour.

7. Roll out the dough further if you need to, and cut out cookie shapes (I like my cookies on the thicker side of things – makes for a bit of a chewier centre).  Place on parchment paper-lined baking sheet.  Re-roll scraps and repeat.

8. Put cookie dough shapes back into the fridge for 10 minutes to 1 hour to chill again.  They will hold their shape better when baked.

9. Preheat your oven to 350°F or 176°C.

10. Bake cookies for 8-12 minutes or until the edges become golden brown.  The baking time will depend on the size of your cookie.

11. Let cookies cool to room temperature and decorate!

all purpose flour

sugar cookie dino cutouts

sugar cookies dinosaurs

baked sugar cookies

dinosaur sugar cookies icing

I totally cheated with the icing and bought Cake Mate pouches in different colours (I gave up on trying to find meringue powder pretty much as soon as I saw them).  They taste awesome, aren’t more expensive then buying all the ingredients to make your own, give you a lot, and speed up the process nicely.  Filling in sugar cookies is therapeutic!  Have fun by starting with outlines, letting them dry 4 hours, and layering on more fun scribbles and designs.  I will definitely be hoarding cookie cutters on my shopping trips from now on (I got these cute dinosaur shapes from the dollar store). Can’t wait for all the kids birthday parties that will give me an excuse to make more!

decorating dinosaur sugar cookies

dinosaur sugar cookies iced

It’s friday beautiful!  Smile, and have an incredible weekend (filled with lots of sweet treats!).


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