Bringing Home Bebe – First Outfit

Bringing Home Bebe – First Outfit

Got halfway through packing my hospital bag today, nearly finalized reorganizing the closets and pantries, and now am on to the selling stage of clearance.  As much as it feels amazing to get rid of the unnecessary, unused clutter, I forgot how energy consuming it is.  Despite a two hour afternoon bath stop intermission, I’m bushed and ready for bed.

On the agenda this week?  Trying my hand at dinosaur sugar cookies, getting back into my knitting and reading groove, and prepping little treats for my baby shower this weekend (so excited!).  A few things I’m currently into…

  • Newborn youtube care tutorials – I’ve learned how to swaddle, bathe, change, and care for little one
  • Black tea, daily coffee, chocolate treats.  It’s been hard to keep my caffeine quota within its limits, but I diversify and enjoy every bite/sip
  • Little fatty – baby boy is already 5 pounds and measuring two weeks bigger than his age.  Estimated birth weight? 8-9 pounds (oye!)
  • Waking up, making breakfast, packing lunch, and heading back to bed for a nap
  • Afternoon market romps (so nice to do groceries unrushed and during daylight)
  • Daydreaming – can’t wait to see little Mr.’s face
  • Stamina – pacing myself and being productive
  • Face masks galore – can’t get enough of Boscia and LUSH fresh blends
  • Mondays with mom.  We hung out last week, and think we’ll make it tradition
  • Deep sleeps – can’t shake me to wake me



Picked this outfit as little ones first (with or without the pants).  I love how soft everything baby is.

Have a peaceful night, and bright start to your new week!


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