Morning Moments – Jam & Cheese

Morning Moments – Jam & Cheese

I think we can all agree that good food is one of the most pleasurable things you can surround yourself with in this life (if you don’t share this belief, you’re clearly not eating the right things).  As hectic and fast paced as many mornings usually become, there is something sacred about that tired time and the preparation it requires to get you out and functioning in the world.

Every morning I set my alarm an hour earlier than what I really need.  Sometimes I end up sleeping in, snoozing it till the last moment – but before I doze off at night, my intention always remains the same.

Savour the early morning and be productive for you.

What is morning productivity?  Anything from a long hot shower, to making a decadent lunch for myself.  Maybe trying out a new makeup or hair look.  Ironing the man’s clothes for work, bringing the pup out, or making a saturday-style breakfast on a weekday.  Anything that lightens the load for the rest of the day and allows me to feel prepared and organized for whatever comes my way.


Breakfast is always a key element to leaving the house happy.  Tea, and something to eat.

While we don’t always have the time (or willpower) to go all eggs and bacon with our morning meals when thursday night dishes are stacked and looming in the friday morning sink, filling your belly with a tasty start forever remains a priority.


Add a little protein to your plain toast routine with this cheese/jam medley.

In our home, we love natural juice-sweetened jams (Dalfour being one of our favourites – try the peach or raspberry, I highly recommend them), and aged cheddars or hard goat cheeses (crumbly ones welcomed!), all brought together with gluten free multigrain or white toast.

Simple.  Fast.  Delicious.

Bon Appetite!


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