514 Outfit Post – Lacey Getup

514 Outfit Post – Lacey Getup

Happy fathers day to all the amazing men out there who dedicate their love and lives to their families and baby girls/boys.  There is nothing more sacred than a man in love (be it with a woman/man, or his children – or both!).  Ladies and dudes, take care of the dude that treats you well – they are few and far between, and a good one will challenge you at every corner in an effort to better you.  A broken, careless man (or woman) is a dangerous thing… spread love and nurture it!

Tonight my new man is making me a lobster dinner.  Little did I know that the poor creatures die slow and painful deaths when submerged into fresh water… I thought I was making them more comfortable by taking them out of the fridge and putting them in the sink.  Not good for the humane psyche… the guilt!  I think I’m going to have to light a few candles in their memory tonight.

RIP lobster friends.

Today the crew and I set out to enjoy downtown sunshine and shopping… iced coffee and Editorial boutique screening… Tuscan sandwich-eating a la Anton & James, then David’s iced tea sessions while browsing the Sephora aisles (to which I gave into the Ciate nail caviar manicure set – stay tuned for a proper tutorial to come on the Annabelle website)… I also realized my intensely-growing love for the Boscia skincare line (their pore-minimizing black masks, creams, and cleansers are a must-try for anyone who struggles with oily/breakout-prone skin.  I’m all about exfoliating on a daily basis (even though it’s advised to do so only a few times a week)… Mario Badescu almond honey, non-abraisive scrub is whats doing it for me these days.

I’ve been at a bit of a loss as far as things to say over the last little while on my blog.  Far beyond writers block, it’s almost the destruction happiness, balance and contentment holds over the normally troubled creative.  I feel like I need to find a bit more of a new identity when it comes to my dialogue voice.  Blogging and writing are not always about endorsing products, ranting, or describing the material.  It’s not always jet-set or difference… personal or bragging.  I have to find my new route (thanks for bearing with me in the meantime)!  I aim to find fulfillment through more interesting content, and peeks into the unobvious.  I’ll be sure to share once I get there.

What I’m Wearing

  • Forever 21 lace bustier & bag
  • Zara lace cutout shorts & blazer
  • Preen for Aldo heels
  • Marciano belt
  • Tiffany’s bow earrings

I’m so happy about the new collaborations Aldo has been issuing with up and coming designers.  The good use of power and influence over the affordable shoe market is invaluable to young talent, and I can only hope they will continue to invest in fresh ideas and faces!




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