Fashionista Finds – Beta 5 Delights

Fashionista Finds – Beta 5 Delights

We’ve had family staying with us for about a month now, and this past week the man’s brother flew in from Vancouver to meet baby boy.  With his presence, came an onslaught of treats, gifts, and sweet indulgences from his local Wholefoods (a store I’m openly obsessed with – one of which we don’t yet have the pleasure of hosting here in Montreal).  Amongst the extravagances, were a box of Beta 5 peppermint patties, and chocolate covered/original salted caramels.  Exist, they no longer do (I polished those bad boys off in no time – breastfeeding makes you a bit of a beast in the appetite department) – but obsessed I still remain.  Hand made with temperature controlled settings out west, their chocolate bars mimic western canadian geography while their artisan cream puffs leave me salivating (I have yet to try).  A few of my favourite finds I’ll be sure to indulge in next time I’m in town…





Here’s hoping your Sunday was sweet!


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