Pregnancy Comfort Pack

Pregnancy Comfort Pack

It’s Sunday, I’ve been officially off as of Friday, and so, so, so spoiled with holiday generosity already.

More homemade cookies than I can count, face masks and scrubs, pyjama down time, family dinners, gifts galore, and the kindest words to go with it all.  Picking up some post office goodies yesterday, I was astounded to find a massive gift basket from the Thyme team waiting for me (I swear the box came up to my waist).  Filled to the brim with nursing comforts, their body line (I’m taking that leg gel for a serious test drive tonight), wedge pillows, and even a heart-melting trio of wearable cuteness for baby boy.

I have been so humbled by the support and positivity from everyone around me during the course of my pregnancy.  I’d really like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone for their incredible contributions, gifts, and advice.  I know most ladies get nowhere near this much attention , love, and pampering on so consistent of a basis – so it’s important that you know I’m thankful for each and every blessing continuously coming my way.  I only wish every new mom-to-be could receive this treatment, comfort, peace of mind, and security during their pregnancy (it’s the little things that all add up to the bigger picture). I’m convinced that by the time this little boy arrives, he will be filled to the brim with joy, confidence, and love as a result of how beautiful and special you’ve all made me feel.






It’s bath time… time to put some time into self-pampering!

Have a beautiful night,


P.S. The man got me the most incredible camera for Christmas… expect a whole lot more original photography posts coming your way in the new year (I’m so excited!).

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