Dressing Baby Boy – Canadian Made Padraig Cottage Slippers

Dressing Baby Boy – Canadian Made Padraig Cottage Slippers

As this has been my first official week off on maternity, I’d like to thank everyone who usually stops in to read every day for being patient with me over the past two days sans post!  Despite full time to use as I please, there are quite a few to-do’s to address first before I settle in and get started on my blog-related projects.  Nonetheless I’ve been entertaining great friends over food, resting, and catching up on household organizations and chores.  Feels good to be a little ahead of my usual workweek grind (this will be my first weekend in a long time that I won’t have to spend solely cleaning or sleeping!  Looking forward to having fun with the man).

Today, over lunch and tea with a friend, little bug was gifted these gorgeous handmade wool/sheepskin/leather booties by Canadian company Padraig.  Instant reminder of how many amazing northern crafters we’ve got going on up here in Canada!  They have great sets for men and women too (check ’em out – they remind me of my grandmothers slipper work/wool colour selections).  From holding little one’s pair in my hand I can tell you they are awesomely thick and quality made.  Such a beautiful gift (thank you again Q!).

It’s the weekend!  Enjoy,


P.S. If you’re interested in hearing more about my pregnancy story check out my Q&A on the Thyme Maternity Tummy Talks blog.

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