Lifestyle Love – Chicken Coop & Garden

Lifestyle Love – Chicken Coop & Garden

I’ve loved the novelty of at-home chicken coops for a long time now (I hear they’re big in LA backyards, and even urban European rooftops).  There is something so appealing to me about bringing farm-style living home to the city/suburbs.  Of course, design-wise, weather-wise, and space-wise, this kind of luxury is more than unrealistic in Montreal.  Poor birds are so fragile and susceptible to heart failure from shock/change – I’d hate to chance their safety with so many factors to control.  But fresh eggs in the morning?  Feeding chickens in the afternoon… witnessing the beauty of baby birds… wouldn’t it be nice?

Studio Segers cleverly created this garden and coop in one.  Perfect for public spaces, and it even includes a compost/tool shed.  City living made smart.  I’d love seeing something like this outside a local restaurant.



Be sure to check out the link included above for design blueprints, and the structures incredible interior.


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