514 Outfit Post – Video Return on a Windy afternoon…

514 Outfit Post – Video Return on a Windy afternoon…

Damn it was chilly this afternoon!  I was feeling rather tuckered out after a full morning and opted for a quick change of scenery via knocking some “to do’s” off my list (while nabbing some caffeinated goodness from the local coffee shop)… windy windy windy!

Hee hee… I look like a cockatoo!  Natural wind hawk ;P

What I’m Wearing

  • Marciano blue “Paris” coat
  • Parasuco jeans
  • Spring patent leather lace-ups (thank you Erin!)
  • Hugo Boss scarf (stolen from the man)
  • Pug Bracelet!  A special gift I received today from Mrs. Katrin Leblond!

On a Side Note…

I am happy to officially announce that I will be contributing to the Nightlife Magazine blog (daily posts) in association with Annabelle Cosmetics!!!  Nightlife is currently renovating the site to make room for a beauty section where a shitload of creative coolness is about to go down!  I won’t burst the bubble yet on who the French blogger is for the site, but I am super excited to be working with her (and will let her announce it herself on her blog).

Love the style blogs where photographers track down awesome street style?  Annabelle and Nightlife will now be publishing monthly makeup street style looks in the magazine (woot woot!!!)… and guess who will be hunting for great Montreal makeup?!?  You gots it – yours truly :).  I’m celebrating every day that I get to blog full time… so chin chin to one dream down and more to be conquered!

If you haven’t stopped by yet, check out my writing for the Katrin Leblond blog and let me know what ya think (love to hear as many perspectives as possible).

Aight… gotta get to work… got lots of posts to create!


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