Making A House A Home – W.S. Wishlist

Making A House A Home – W.S. Wishlist

Call it nesting if you will, but I’ve always been a homebody.  I blame living in Canada and being used to snowed-in status most of the year.  I never get cabin fever, never run out of things I want to try or do, and never regret a day that passes by inside.  Half the battle is loving where you live.  The other however, is equipping your living space with tools that inspire and keep you interested (besides, what’s better on the outside that you can’t customize and curate perfectly on the inside?).

City-living makes it fun to stop in and out of places, picking up treats along the way.  Coffees, cupcakes, specialty products to bring home and indulge in.  Often we’ll seek out spaces and places that specialize in our favourite foods and drinks.  We want to try something new.  I’m all for it.  But what if I told you you could make it better at home – whenever you wanted?  That summertime walk to the gourmet ice cream shop could be recreated and enjoyed prior streamed movie with your significant other on a hot summer night?  That iced latte could be perfected and enjoyed while you do your makeup in front of the mirror…

I took a little online window shopping gander last night on the Williams Sonoma site (my god what they carry is magic), and before I knew it I was browsing chicken coops and beekeeping kits.  Martha would be proud (I’ve just gotta work on the backyard in a warmer place now).  So much of feeling at home is food to me and my family.  I’d love to stock my kitchen with these delights…



mixer coffee maker

williams sonoma

le creuset

kitchen makeover



Here’s hoping your thursday is comfortable, clean, and full of hearty food… I’ll be taking a trip to West Elm today on a mini walk (I’ve got one merely a few blocks away – lucky me!).


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