My Thoughts Exactly – Simple Beauty

My Thoughts Exactly – Simple Beauty

This past weekend was magical.

Not because of a crazy party, lavish dinner, or catchups with friends – just gorgeous sunshine and a slice of heavenly outdoor living.  Residing in Montreal makes it easy to forget how blissed out the sun can make you feel, and how little you need surrounding it (aside from complimentary great food pairings).  I sometimes wonder what keeps so many loyal to this city despite it’s never-ending harsh winters.  I can’t say I know either, being a native myself.

In any case, the flowers are out, the grass is grown, and it’s officially picnic season in the city.  I’m lapping it up by the canal with lengthy strolls and packed simple snacks with the boys.  Today the man and I enjoyed Coronas with lime and tortillas/salsa by the water.  Little man enjoyed the exquisite breeze in nothing more than his diaper and a t-shirt.  It doesn’t get more beautifully basic than that.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.53.02 PM

Cheers to a stunning summer filled with easy, perfect days.


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