My Version of Dove’s Beauty Campaign – Photoshop Makeover by Montreal Photographer David Giral

My Version of Dove’s Beauty Campaign – Photoshop Makeover by Montreal Photographer David Giral

So we have all heard time and time again that we should not give in to the lies that magazine images feed us every waking moment of our lives… but do they ever really set in when at a certain point they become reality’s truth?  When people are actually scrutinized because they don’t look like they hopped out of bed flawless?  Here is my take on Dove’s amazing campaign for real beauty… done and recorded by the talented David Giral, an amazing up and coming Montreal based photographer.  Please note that this is only basic portrait photoshopping and that I am wearing my every day amount of makeup (go Bare Minerals GO!)… so already I have had A LOT of help!  This is just a little reminder for all you ladies and gents out there who think you don’t fit in or will never be seen as “perfect”.  Guess what?  It’s actually impossible.  Free yourself PLEASE of making yourself crazy and realize that even a small amount of photoshopping can make you look COMPLETELY different and just like a celebrity/model you see in ads.  They have stylists, time, makeup artists, and amazingly talented photographers with amazingly flattering light and even more amazing editing skills.  We have reality.  Shit that comes up and day jobs.  And we wonder… sheesh!

Check out the amazing editing video by David… it’s crazy… erasing hairs and necklaces, adding contouring, whitening, smoothing, brightening… so much to apparently be done to my face!!!  Where did my hard earned under eye wrinkles go (memories of pulling waaaaay too many overnighters during design school)?!?

Now I know the before shot wasn’t completely horrid… but compared to the after shot… WTF?!?!  I look suuuuper tired!  I thought I looked “refreshed” that day!  No wonder we are all losing our heads!

Well hey, looking like the above pic is a great false confidence boost and start to the week ;p

Check out David’s full description on his photoshopping techniques on his blog.

At least you all know the truth.

Hope you enjoyed and are lovin’ the skin you’re in!


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