Sponsored Post – Old Navy’s Cheermageddon Black Friday Sale

Sponsored Post – Old Navy’s Cheermageddon Black Friday Sale

Boxing day has come early this year, thanks to Old Navy embracing the infamous American Black Friday shopping hysteria.  As an advocate of comfy and cozy for less (would you believe it if I told you I fantasize about staying home every day… to which I slyly do…), I’ve always been a major fan of brands that offer fun and “don’t take yourself so seriously, silly” items for prices that don’t make you flinch.  Writing this crouched in my Rockstar Jeans (and the memory of walking in the Old Navy Bryant Park fashion show with them), I can’t help but think about how utterly ridiculous the expense of life is.  Sometimes I wonder how we all survive.  How we don’t get eaten up by everything.  The beauty of life as we now know it, is that having more than enough is no longer a class/financial restriction.  What’s old is new, what’s trendy is everywhere (regardless of it’s brand or price), and we can all have a lot of fun with a lot less.  My family is pretty known for only really giving handmade gifts during the holidays – it’s about the time spent, the food, and the company.  Of course, being the rebel that I am, I always try and sneak a little something in there for good measure (anyone who says they don’t want a gift either doesn’t know what they want, is morally swayed by knowing something, or is lying).  Little tokens to make life more comfortable.  Little luxuries that we end up using more than we think (like pj’s!).  In light of the season for giving, I urge you to step outside yourself and make someone else’s holiday’s shine.  Shop the Cheermageddon sale (and it’s amazing prices) if not for you and yours, to assemble something for someone who otherwise couldn’t indulge.  A little goes a long way, and winter is a dampening place when you don’t have anything to cuddle up to!  Open your heart to those around you, and check out my personal picks below (can’t get enough of the baby bear onesies – wish I still fit in them!).

The sale starts this friday (the 23rd), and goes until saturday (the 24th).  Be sure to check online prior to shopping the stores – every item discounts at different times (there are also some cool gifts with purchase/credit offers)!

Stay tuned for my hand picked gift guide in the coming weeks…


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