10 Pins I’m Currently Loving…

10 Pins I’m Currently Loving…

It’s sugar cookie day.

It’s been a long time coming I’ve wanted to try my hand at the cookies that capture so many peoples hearts (and cravings).  Actually, I really just want to know the secret to that frosting.  I’m a big fan.  Don’t even talk to me about fondant (possibly my favourite taste of all time… the chewiness… *drool*).  In any case, I’ve got all the ingredients set out and waiting for me on the counter, some cool dinosaur cutters, and a full day open to take my sweet time.  Should they turn out, they’ll be a staple at my baby shower on Sunday (if I don’t eat the vast majority of them by then).










This evening I drop in at a good friends to meet her two week old son.  I haven’t held a newborn since I was 13, and will be having my own in only a few weeks.  Excited but nervous.  I feel like I’ll be dropping 1,000 questions on the poor girl… here’s hoping she can keep up!

Tick a goal off your list today – it’s Tuesday!


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