12 Styled Takes On The Reitman’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

12 Styled Takes On The Reitman’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

(They are stylist and bloggers, and they eat fashion for breakfast.  We asked them to interpret our Fall 2012 collection their way)

Last month I was given the pleasure of working with Reitman’s (and indirectly eleven other fashion-obsessed Montrealers), for a very special collaboration introducing their new fall/winter 2012 line.

The objective?

To sift through a room filled with new collection delights and style our assigned model according to both our personal and professional perspectives (most asked were well known stylists, the rest – bloggers!).  We each got primped and touched up (Miss Jessica LaBlanche tended to me), then headed to the shooting room to pull our looks.  Individual video interviews and a mini photo shoot later, each of us posed and playfully demonstrated our styling result side by side our dressed ladies.

Each and every one of the looks were put on display for a private media event held at Parisian Laundry in St. Henri (what a gorgeous open space!).  With quotes blown up and mounted from the ceiling, mannequins dressed in each stylist/blogger’s chosen attire, inspiration boards, sneak peek racks of clothes-to-come, and a behind the scenes montage of the collaborations, the night was a beautiful success to which I am proud to be a part of.  And the hors d’oeuvres… and champagne!  Everyone in attendance was spoiled with both great company and offerings.

Like the eye rolling?  Lol.

My look was based on simplicity and everyday accessibility.  I like clean cuts, functional, practical, and beautiful understated pieces.  While I’m sure you’ve seen a look like mine before tenfold, it is something I consistently fall back on in my every day life (and let’s face it, I’m anything but a stylist!).  To me, it’s the little things you can play with to achieve different effects… rolling up the sleeves, popping the collar, adding a belt (and tying it instead of buckling it).  I’m a pretty strict little-to-no-necklace fanatic (I don’t like anything taking focus off open skin around the face… so jewelry accents are always on the wrist and hanging from the ears (or none at all).  This is my grab n’ go philosophy… gem tones and basics.  When I “style”, I’m only really shopping for things I myself would wear.  I look less at the “big picture” effect the look will bring, and hone in on the tiny details that make each piece interchangeable and versatile in a wardrobe (if you can believe it, I match hardware on my jeans to my purses… particular much?  It’s the small things I revel in).

Got Milk ads… am I right?

Want a little laugh?  Look who I caught peeking through a crate box… lol…


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