The Blonds FW13 & Social Media Scarcity

The Blonds FW13 & Social Media Scarcity

Over two weeks since my last post, and still nothing to say.

With every article I read about streamlining and concentrating your social media channels, I have a stronger urge to stop adding to mine completely.

Excess backlash?

Personally, I find it’s panned out to be more of an overtly saturated feeling.  Unlimited media flow makes for one overwhelmed and slightly anxiety-ridden gal, never ceasing to feel like she can’t keep up.  Unlike honest and sporadic journal entries, blogs and updates require more attention, and unfortunately to many, more response and reaction.  And while social media has hit an all-time high amongst personal users, I can’t help but foresee a shift into it’s purely commercial use.  At one point, don’t you think we’ll all stop caring?  Don’t you think at a certain pivotal moment, we’ll all have higher priorities than scanning the feeds of others we admire?  On the contrary, I do believe there is just as much validity (if not more) in following real-life figures as opposed to appointed celebrities.  There is something incredibly refreshing about being able to choose who you wish to look up to without it being rammed down your throat via mainstream media.

belt dress The Blonds

I guess I don’t get how we all haven’t gotten extremely bored of it all.  Is it still thrilling to you?  While I can’t deny loving the shares everyone donates on an everyday basis (admittedly, it is nice to peek into other’s lives), don’t you find that many of us get a little stuck on repeat?  The challenge is no longer becoming who can post the most, it’s who can keep their content the freshest.  With the world accessible at our fingertips and mouse clicks, how do you offer an opinion that hasn’t been published?  A side of the story not yet told (if that even exists).  Is it only about who can post first?  Will the future of relevance solely be filled with live feeds and up to the second streams?  How are we all not completely exhausted with the substantially heavier load we’ve all taken on by contributing to these multiplying channels on top of our everyday responsibilities?  Aside from maintenance issues, what’s to be said of privacy preferences?  I’ve gotta say that I love how accessible everything is, however dually, I mourn the general loss of mystery the world formerly seemed to have.  Don’t confuse mystery with ignorance – it’s far from the same thing.  I miss not knowing human details about celebrities.  I’m not the kind of person that wants to relate to a hollywood name, or new-age president.  I want that shine, that one-sided character that keeps us all dreaming.  While I really have no strong opinion of Obama (in a good or bad sense), I feel he inspires very little when he speaks.  Politicians may all be 120% bullshitters, but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t want a really great public speaker/lead actor regardless.


On an opposing note, I just got back from New York on thursday night after a jam-packed fashion week.  One thing I love about New York, is that it always quickens me up.  At home in Montreal, life runs at a much slower speed, almost allowing you to become lazy and accepting.  The fight and constant push New York forces you to have is what makes me feel the most comfortable.  Every time I visit, I learn something that changes me and how I behave.  This trip taught me the importance of knowing when to tell others to mind their own business.  People generally tend to have good intentions when it comes to the advice they lend out, however more often than not, easily get carried away and overstep their boundaries.  This rings especially true with power-hungry egoists and emotionally sensitive individuals.  In a working environment where everyone is trying to get their shot, bullies (inherent within the person or not) surface.  Where Montreal leaves me naive and with my guard down, New York provides me with the attitude edge I need to secure my spot.  It’s not about being rude, it’s about being heard and letting people know that standards still remain in a day and age of unrestricted freedom and manners.  Thank you for the 101 NYC, invaluable.

David & Phillipe

I may not have posted much on my feed while I was in NYC (I had many projects to juggle), but you can expect more as the days progress, courtesy of my new photo agency ATRC.  While technicalities may still be under construction, fashion week packages are available for fresh content (like the pics in this post? Why not own the rights to them for your media platform?  Email me for unbeatable packages, completely customizable).

The shameless plug gotten over with, the week had me drooling at J Mendel, beaming at the Blonds (shown here), and coveting every piece as usual at DVF (oh, to be a 70’s rock star!).  It seems that fall/winter 2013 will be amongst one of the most seriously sexy and enigmatic yet.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am over trends refusing to incorporate 80’s accents.  I’m tired of the 80’s (but not their slow jams, or the awesome generation birthed from them… *ahem*).  Next season will have us falling over Hitchcock heroines, 90’s polished grunge-chic, and for the most part, everything I grew up thinking was cool.

green the blonds

The Blonds, as always, were a real sight to be seen.  I never smile as much as I do while witnessing the dramatic characters (and Phillipe himself) strut down the runway, full-blown glamour in tow.  And if the theatrics of the show weren’t enough for you, the company it keeps most definitely is.  The Blonds have created something of what I’d expect Studio 54 to have felt like – an ambiance free of judgement, free of ideals and expectation.  Everyone who enters the Milk Studios room, does so with complete and utter liberation.  With loyal fans donning past season’s pieces, I swear I witnessed a new-age version of Freddie Mercury in his later days, decked out in a gold tinsel cape (with matching glitter shades) and hybrid lipstick-bullet knuckle ring.  To anyone on the outside looking in on fashion week’s musings (and it’s celebrated figures), you’d assume the designers untouchable, the models distant, and the access limited.  If I’ve learnt anything through my experiences at New York fashion week, it’s how dramatically opposite those assumptions are.  Designers are on time to their after parties, eager to meet their supporters and celebrate with everyone involved, models are just as excited as you are (albeit a little tired), and access goes as far as your organization skills permit you to.  As draining and intense as the fashion industry is, it always manages to maintain a beautiful shimmer in my mind’s eye.  The people who are able to differentiate between it being a business and a fantasy world, make it’s scene all the more incredible and perplexing.  I don’t think I could ever separate the two entirely though, both qualities walk a very balanced hand in hand (and keep us striving/dreaming)…

leather corset and skirt the blonds

Phillipe Blond Milk Studios

Phillipe Blond

the blonds black dress

the blonds blood slash

The Blonds blood

the blonds duo

the blonds finale

The blonds gown

The Blonds Hitchcock the birds

the blonds knife

The Blonds Noose

the blonds red fur

The Blonds Runway Fall 2013

I’ve gotta have this Jack top (not to mention the knife trench dress)… notice the matching nails…

The Blonds The Birds closeup

Bed time…


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