2012 – A Year In Review

2012 – A Year In Review

What a year it’s been!  While I feel like I’ve done close to nothing in the productivity sphere (I’ve kind of been on the down low, changing much of my old ways and habits), looking back, it seems as though I’ve done a whole lot more than imagined.  Here’s a brief glimpse back on some of the highlights of my year…


I moved into the home of my dreams!  That was the last time in a what I hope will be a long time when it comes to moving more than once in a year (phew!  Finally, the inner nomad in me has settled).  Living here with my man and my two canines has been nothing short of a hibernation dream.  Together we continue to build our home, life, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that come hand in hand with the area together.  There is said to be a lot of good fortune coming our way, and that it will happen in this location.  We think of it as our sacred “hideout” space.  Where you reside, and how comfortable you are there, makes all the difference.


Supermodels!  I spent the day backstage with Kirsty Hume, and interviewed one of my all time beauty ambassador faves – Miss Alek Wek.  I love being around personalities that have achieved success in the fashion and beauty industry – there is always more than meets the eye.

Alek wek quote




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I welcomed a beautiful baby pug into my life – little Piccolo (who is now officially 1!  How time flies…).

engagement ring pearl birks

I got engaged to the Mr. of my dreams <3.  I look forward to tying the knot with him this upcoming fall in a family-only ceremony, and living out my dreams with him by my side.  I wear my ring with pride, and can’t wait to have kids together in the future.  There will no doubt always be a lot of love in our home!


I experienced my most visited post in the history of my blog… of course on one of Montreal’s most frustrating topics – fashion week!  Thank you all for all the feedback shown through twitter, facebook, emails, and of course the comment forum.  I hope 2013 will inspire more industry politics brought to light.


2012 made me look closer at the products I use and consume with my beauty rituals (resulting in a different way of reviewing bath and beauty staples).  All natural and organic became a major part of how I choose to live and thrive.  It’s been a witch hunt ever since to find the yummiest recipes that taste and inevitably feel the best henceforth.  I posted two of my faves in one of my latest posts.

Yoga has also been a life changing development in my life.  Never before (aside from horseback riding), have I been so into any exercise form.  While it can still be a mental challenge getting there and pursuing on via consistency, it has brought me a lot of happiness and lightness in my everyday.  It will be a goal of mine to put my practice into a more consistent routine.  I love sweating the small stuff when it’s on a yoga mat.


I had fun collaborating with Reitman’s, and MOON Apparel as an online Ambassador!  Can’t wait to see what comes in the new year…

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It was the year of the started and ongoing interview!  Amongst some of the great Q&A’s featured on my site were Travis Taddeo, Christian L’Enfant Roi, Jeanne Beker, Jay Manuel, Zana Bayne, and the duo behind Greta Constantine.

I got to attend some great events, including makeup artist Julie Begin’s master class for creating stimulating, original visuals, and LaPrairie’s soiree hosted by none other than Celine Cousteau (Mr. Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter, carrying on the marine biologists legacy in her own way).

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 12.02.26 AM


I delved a little deeper into my artwork… digitally and ink-wise.  My love for GIF’s also reached an all-time high (and show no signs of slowing).


2012 gave way to some amazing artist discoveries, something I love highlighting on the blog.  This year Judith Geher, Izziyana Suhaimi, Ashkan Honarvar, Gildo Medina, and BryJin were amongst my faves.


Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 12.14.59 AM

I launched an Etsy shop!  I am now in business of officially selling my art/creations.  I plan fully on incorporating my newfound knit/crochet creations into the shop over time (it’s a learning process, but expect some interesting textures, scarves, blankets, and inevitably clothes!).  Who knows, I may even offer up some homemade gluten-free sweets… I’ve always wanted to learn how to to do that hard sugar glaze too – a youtube tutorial may be in session.



I definitely slayed the meeting the inspirational list in 2012.  Amongst the peeps I got to swap talk with were Jeanne Beker, Coco Rocha, Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen, The Glamourai’s Kelly Framel, Deborah Lippmann, The Blonds, Carlos Campos, and Andre Leon Talley (not to mention all the people mentioned above!).  New York is so very powerful in that way, you can so easily share the same space as all the individuals that helped ignite your passion in the first place.


My love of Erno Laszlo became international, and I walked the Old Navy Bryant Park catwalk alongside the Backstreet Boys (fun!).  Oh, and locals woke up to a segment of me wearing a MARTIN LIM outfit on Salut Bonjour (I swear I didn’t have those laser eyes on screen!).

nyfw credential


NYFW!  One of the most exciting weeks of my year (to which I can safely say it always is), this year gave way to increased access, incredible new experiences, and lots of hustle.  Forever grateful to all the help I had, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into next season.  As if hanging at Alexander Wang after parties, witnessing Karlie Kloss’ makeup transformation, and experiencing the backstage craze weren’t enough, the near month the man and I spent in NYC was.

We learnt some valuables when it comes to informative tidbits we hope will allow us to integrate there within the years to come.  Like kids in a giant candy store, we took in Renoir at the Met, Barney’s window displays, Little Italy street festivals, Central Park by bike, and the Lower East Side and Soho by foot.  We mastered the subway, enjoyed haggling on Canal, felt sorry for the polar bear at Central Park zoo, enjoyed the lights of Times Square at night, practically lived at Whole Foods, inhaled a piece of Paris at Laduree on Madison, and entertained both of my parents when they came in to see us.  New York feels like home.  We miss it.  February can’t come soon enough.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 11.11.30 PM

I started contributing in-print and online to Dress To Kill Magazine… what’s sure to snowball into a set of freelance contributions to my favourite publications.  It’s time to get to work and come up with some new features.

See you in the new years lovelies!



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