5 Makeup Techniques To Try For Fall

5 Makeup Techniques To Try For Fall

With cooler weather, comes the ultimate makeup routine switch up.  I’ve been craving runway to reality moments of my own, and raided my image banks for a few wearable techniques I’ll definitely be experimenting with from now until the snow sets in…


1. The effortlessly defined eye (above).

You know, the one that looks smoldered and sexy on dewy skin… with outer edge definition that doesn’t go all out with shadows and blending… just sheer, waxy black product?  Not only do I love the end result of this subtler version of a full-blown cat eye – it’s time efficient enough to be practical as a sultry day look.

TIP/RECOMMENDATION: Use your fingers to soften the pencil’s effect with a smudge (a great pointed brush works wonders too), and clean up any product on the lower waterline with a sensitive eye makeup remover-soaked cotton swab.  I love NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto black (bonus: it’s waterproof and has it’s own built-in sharpener!).  I’m all about a nude or sheer gloss pairing with these eyes, but the beauty of it’s simplicity makes it compatible with all your favorite lip bites.


2. The bare eye & bold lip.

This look gets increasingly better with time (and season after season, runway/editorial recycling has tried it well).  Something about washed-out bare lids and lashes makes the unmistakable lip even more irresistible.  Wear this combo at night for fresh, unexpected drama!

TIP/RECOMMENDATION: Looking to take the polished notch down a tad?  Play with matte drying lip tints and stains (as opposed to sheer or too-creamy lipsticks) in equally blue-based hues (do the finger dab for a disheveled effect).  If you’re addicted to eyeliner, opt for curled lashes (instead of full bare) with two coats of volume-boosting mascara (a little eye gloss never hurt anyone, so feel free to dab some on for a touch of misty youth).  I’m all about Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara, and MAC’s Gloss.  


3. The glossed-over metallic “fashion eye” look.

I can’t get enough of copper/glossed-out eyes to bring out blue and green peepers.  Equally suitable with washed-out nude lips as they are with a darker dressed-up pout, I’m loving them most without a drop of liner.  It seems you just can’t overdo full makeup with this shimmery shade.  If you’re looking to be especially adventurous, douse your lids with a shade that holds more of a reddish tint.

TIP/RECOMMENDATION: Keep shadow like this fresh by toning down the brows and liner.  A simple brush sweep works to frame the face and tame unruly brows, while a subtle mascara gives just enough definition without taking over.  Add a luminous highlighter (I love Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick) to the inner corner of the eye, brow bone, and cheekbones for the fairest ethereal glow of them all.


4. The bottom heavy lash line.

Who doesn’t love a great 70’s-inspired doll face?  Next time you pile on the faux flutter, don’t forget your bottom lash line!  Pair with an exquisite amount of expressive crease shadow/black liner, and a perfectly creamy nude lip.  This has to be my favorite bundled up sweater beauty look.

TIP/RECOMMENDATION: It may go without saying, but stray from the strip falsies for this look and stock up on individual or small sprouts (everyday simply isn’t an editorial).  Feel free to trim too-long lengths by cutting on a diagonal to preserve a more natural look.  Coat it all off with a lengthening mascara to separate and stick your masterpiece together.  Red Cherry lashes on eBay are the closest I come to an alternate crack addiction.


5. The brow-groom illusion.

I’ve always been a sucker for groomed model brows (and wish mine would obey accordingly with the mere sweep of a brow gloss).  For those of us whose arches look a little weathered when up-brushed, this filler technique takes the cake (and can be subtle enough to get away with during the day if done properly).

TIP/RECOMMENDATION: Put the brow pencil down for this one and opt for a soft taupe shadow powder and angled brush application.  Make strokes from the bottom up, and blend if you find the effect too streaky.  I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in Tease despite my darker hair color.


Happy grooming!



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