5 Things We Could All Learn From Francis Bacon

5 Things We Could All Learn From Francis Bacon

The man and I really love discovering new art, and the stories of the lives behind them.  Once we generate a new find, we become obsessive.  Numerous documentaries, google image searches, museum visits, and book ravages.  Once we’ve had our fix, the knowledge becomes a part of our intellectual repertoire, there to reference and compare as we please.

Francis Bacon was the latest on our list, and while most find his particular aesthetic darker and moodier than they’d like to allow into their lives, I found his outlook refreshing.  Where many would crumble, he blossomed with acceptance.  Where others would glamorize, he realized.  His down to earth sensibility regarding life, happiness, pain, love, and suffering was not morbid – it was real.  The things we turn a blind eye to everyday that happen nonetheless.  He just actively chose to see it all.

In light of his rare perspective, a few observations (based off of quotes by Bacon himself) to consider for yourself:

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Francis had many lovers over the course of his lifetime.  Many of them becoming the very subjects he repeatedly painted.  His muses came to him in a variety of forms (abusive included), inspiring his work, pushing his talent, and opening his eyes to different worlds.

I admire his adaptability, openness, and acceptive state when it came to love and learning from it (through good and bad).  Not to be confused with being a user, Bacon dove into the deep end of love each and every time.  The result?  Diverse experience, difference, and depth of character.  The worse thing you can do is close yourself off to the gift of the amorous encounter!


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Ever heard the expression “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”?  Well it couldn’t ring more true.  Holding back your words, ambitions, and arguments will only leave you wading in stagnancy and regret.  Open up and dish it out, communication is key when it comes to moving forward.  Be brave, act on it consistently, and enjoy it becoming second nature in no time.


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How refreshing is it to see people aging gracefully and still fulfilling their dreams and desires?  I’m personally lucky to have a grandfather with a very young wit.  I love that he can shock me times over anything my friends have ever said.

Have you heard about the woman who celebrated her 90th birthday by skydiving?  What about the stunning Vogue Italia spread featuring an 82 year old Carmen Dell’Orefice?  Age means nothing, truly.  Botox and plastic surgery are for the bored.  Embrace your age (welcoming immaturity), and be your most attractive, spirited self.


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While I completely understand it, I never really understood why people let the fear of change hold them back from living the lives of their dreams.  Everywhere you look in life, you see people who have settled.  People who feel like they have no other choice but to follow the rigid outlines of their seemingly predetermined life.

What they fail to see is how much more amazing their realities can be with a little decisive effort.  We always doubt and question everything that can go wrong, but what about what can go oh so right?  If we put as much energy manifesting our positive ideals as opposed to the negative ones, there might be more happiness all round.

Condensed moral to my story?  Never fear the future.  There’s nothing scarier than being stuck in the past.


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In a world full of one-uppers, showoff’s and facebook envy-inducing posts, there is power in the private.  While it’s instantly gratifying to share what you’ve been up to with the world, sometimes others aren’t as happy for you as you thought they’d be.

Call me superstitious, but you just don’t need that evil eye energy in your life.  There’s a reason why celebrities keep their personal lives hidden from the press (if you think everyday gossip folk are any less conniving than the media, you’ve got it coming).

Live it up, but keep some things sacred and for yourself.  How satisfying would it be to not publicize one of the most special moments of your life?  The memory would be beautifully yours, exclusively untouched by criticism or exterior input.


P.S. Want more Bacon?  I loved this interview in his studio (could one be more well spoken?).

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