514 Outfit Post & Links I Love – Black Leather, White Tee

514 Outfit Post & Links I Love – Black Leather, White Tee

It is temperature drops that truly make me appreciate the warmth and coziness of my new home.  A comfortable space that has effectively been made a home, is like nothing else as far as an environment that allows you full enjoyment and healing.  Here I go at my own pace, take care of myself and family, and slowly develop the things I thrive for.  With a certain feeling of being settled and security, comes the incredible honour of being loved in a way everyone dreams of.  Last week, my man proposed to me at home with a beautiful, symbolic pearl and diamond ring.  Without hesitation, without exceptions or conditions, with all my heart, I agreed.

I have always considered myself something of a “commitment-phobe”.  Not in the sense of staying away from relationships (my past ones were years long), but in the sense of giving everything, it feeling completely right, and allowing advancement to the next stages of life (marriage and kids).  I’ve always wanted a large family, but there was always a hesitation.  Always something that needed to be fixed, concerns for the fluidity of the future, or an incompatibility that just couldn’t be worked out.  There is something so incredibly priceless about being with someone you couldn’t imagine being without.  Someone who is as much a part of you, as your personality (and vice versa).  Someone you fall deeper in love with every day (even when you want to kill them).

I’m a very lucky lady, and never before has a decision been easier to make.  Thank you to everyone who has showed me so much encouragement and happiness over the announcement of the news on Facebook – you make this beautiful moment that much more precious.

More proof that dreams DO come true (every day)!

  • Check out the above trailer, independent video game developer Joost van Dongen is getting some serious (well deserved) cred for his racing game which incorporates fine art visuals inspired by Kandinsky and Mondrian.  Cool!
  • Spring hair trends were refreshingly sleek, simple, yet intricate with their detailing.  Can’t wait for my hair to grow and try a few of these stunners on for size.
  • Just watched Pixar’s UP last night, and totally in love with loving one person for the rest of my life (which happens to correlate to my freshly engaged status I suppose).  Can’t wait to grow old together.
  • A fan of multicoloured candy hair?  Good thing, designers were all over it for SS13.
  • I love knowing beauty insiders product faves.  Behold Pat McGraths musts.
  • Toronto fashion week showcased some incredible up and coming models.  Get to know these Canadian fresh faces making international runway waves (and their thoughts/beauty rituals).

  • Those eyebrows!  Loving the beauty effect for Sid Neigum’s SS13 collection.
  • Oh Diane, all your pics are iconic to me.
  • Loving that Dali dabbled in making furniture… check out these other famous artists who tried out the interior design route.
  • This couch is THE ultimate nesting zone for winter.  It’s like a cushy island of warmth…
  • Wall garden definitely beats wallpaper… just curious as to how they water it…
  • I would definitely trade it all in to live sustainably here, with my family, and have babies and be happy for the rest of my days.
  • Christmas is coming, and while I work on a gift guide post, here’s something for the workaholic in your life – creature cups!
  • “His struggle is against uniformity and wholesale design. If he sounds like a moralist, it is because beauty, quality, and ethics are inseparable”.  On Beauty, Quality, Poetry, and Integrity: Anais Nin Meets Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. (1947).  Beautiful observations and diary entries.
  • Original concept – shooting celebrities, but not necessarily in the frame.  Stupid, or intriguing?
  • This digital rain room is pretty incredible.

What I’m Wearing

  • American Apparel t-shirt dress
  • Zana Bayne leather harness
  • Marc by Marc bag
  • Mia Limited Edition boots
Images and feature as seen on Fashion Latte


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