514 Outfit Post – Little Black Thyme Dress

514 Outfit Post – Little Black Thyme Dress

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve gotten a lot of great compliments and wonderful wishes.

Among them, the sweet and sour line of “I hope you don’t abandon your before-baby dreams and former self”.  With the recent outpour of baby-relative content I’ve been posting on all my social media channels over the course of the past few months, one may very well think I’ve lost all interest in anything but.  While that’s entirely not the case, where I used to be annoyed of others taking over my timelines and feeds with newborn and toddler posts and pics, I am now only appreciative.  Before you experience it (the entire process of having kids) for yourself, it truly is one of those things you can’t quite relate to in it’s entirety.  I feel like I still can’t (I’m thinking meeting little man will change this).  It is such a roller coaster of emotions, preparation, concern, and newfound maturity wrapped into one, you have to get caught up in everything to feel like you have any kind of toolbox to work from when the big day finally arrives.  After your little one enters your life, it’s forever adaptation and change from there (they just don’t stop growing!).  So many things to learn (car seats that boggle my mind, and better yet –  communication with a being that can’t tell you exactly what it needs… just a little intimidating!).  So I could ask you to be patient with me regarding all my posts containing cool baby gear, or I could ask you to embrace (alongside me) the newfound fascination that comes with my discovery of this complicated world which formerly felt completely hidden from me.  It makes me wonder why I was such an asshat when it came to kids before now.

Keep an open mind, that’s all I ask (I know babies bring up mixed feelings to so many for a multitude of reasons).  I’m learning as I go, and plan to keep mixing things up around here (aka touches of fashion, food, and beauty).  This little dude will no doubt be the centre of my world once he arrives though (making it near impossible not to make it all about him!).

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What I’m Wearing

  • Thyme Maternity Stork & Babe stretch black long sleeve dress 
  • Woolford tights
  • Moon Apparel jacket
  • Rudsak red leather gloves
  • Chanel bag
  • Jill Stuart velvet platform booties

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While were on the topic of not losing yourself to the world of babydom (that includes personal style and beauty), taking time to feel good everyday has been high on my priority list.  Pregnancy brings on it’s own number of uncomfortable aches and pain baggage – the least you can do for yourself is put that extra effort in to feel a bit more like your former self.  Having always been a fan of versatile and practical dresses, this Thyme find has been a lifesaver this winter.  Stretchy in consistency, the perfect knee length, and fully sleeved, it’s brought me from everyday work attire, to formal nights out over the holidays.  Warm, as comfortable as my pyjamas (I kid you not), and easy peasy when it comes to care (no dry cleaning necessary!), this buy has been nothing but a hit.  I’m actually secretly hoping it still fits me nicely after bebe is born (and even past postpartum).  It would be a treat to wear without tights, paired with my strappy nude stilettos!

Moral of this dress story?  Maternity clothing does not mean sacrificing the choices you’d usually make when selecting great pieces for your wardrobe (you do not have to succumb to loose fitting picks that make you feel like a tent!).  Be selective, don’t cave (or cry from frustration because your body shape has completely changed), and go with what makes you feel like you (not a pregnant version of you!).

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It’s almost friday beauties!  The weekend is a creepin’…

Stay tuned for more maternity style posts, and what I’ll be packing in my hospital bag (the suspense!)


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