514 Outfit Post – Mink & Lace Loungewear

514 Outfit Post – Mink & Lace Loungewear

Been reading some interesting articles as of late…

Psychology Today is one of my favourite magazines (the cover always sports some alluring promise of self discovery, personal configuration or missing puzzle piece for the over thinker).  The article that attracted me was “Are You With The Right Mate” (yeah, I know… typical girl right?).  On a serious note though, it really broke down a lot of valuable information I think many of us really take for granted (or never even come to realize).  We have so many different expectations going into a partnership, so many ideals, so much ego (which in more times than not, result in a lot of dissatisfaction and disappointment).  Forever searching for this magical “one” who can understand us, bring us higher, and slip into our lives leaving us transformed and elated, we are completely disillusioned and conditioned to believe the most unrealistic of ideas.  I’m not at all shunning the idea of true love – I think only a cynic could make such a grave and naive mistake, however it’s clear that my notion of it is dramatically altering (and for the better I should think).

The article points out that instead of dealing with our own issues and developing ourselves for the betterment of the relationship and it’s future, we merely blame the other person or expect them to change.  I guiltily admit to both of these things (shamefully realizing patterns I myself fall into when with someone).  Being a very independent person who offers little to no leeway when it comes to things dragged on from the past into the present, I can very unfairly let my emotions get the best of me if I’m not careful.  My “take me as I am or have nothing at all” defence goes up and compromise hardly even becomes an option.  While I feel the need for protection, security and stability in my relationships – I do not tolerate others who want to mould me into something I’m not (who does?).  Like many, for whatever reason – I get defensive when typical “woman” duties are expected of me (learning to shut that off – it truly is ridiculous, it’s about equality not avoiding stereotypes), hurt when things are said a certain way (trying to take things with a bit less sensitivity), and offended when faults and imperfections are pointed out (ego, ego, ego, ego).  The truth is, these things are inevitable.  If you escape them once, they’ll find you again in your next quest for love.  Beyond avoidance, the sad thing is that every time you skip town on these turmoils you essentially prolong them in the long run.  Think about it.  Challenges can sometimes break your head, bust your balls and allow you total misery before you see their benefits.  The journalist who wrote the piece , Rebecca Webber even states that when you’re at your darkest moment (and thinking everything may just be a huge mistake), you are the most ready for that change – to take on the responsibility of yourself and be realistic.  Maybe it means putting more effort (something I realize I lack in because of my unfaltering dedication to my work), maybe I don’t even know what the right kind of effort to be giving is.  At the end of the day, it is all subjective – nobody should be forcing anything upon you or making you feel bad.  If there are little things you can do, that don’t compromise you, just get them over with and do them.  I think my problem sometimes is saying “I will” on repeat over just getting it done and simply ending that particular issue.

Be a doer, not a sayer.

So my hopes for attending classes this semester fell through with having missed the deadline to register as an independent student :(.  While it sucks, I know they will always be there to pursue, and I figure there is another unearthly plan for me in the works that will justify my not-having-meant-to-be-there status.

I had a little sit down with Montreal’s RSVP magazine this week, and will be an ongoing fashion contributor for the quarterly, putting trends from local events together and working on feature pieces for publishing.  Tres excited for this new venture, I figure it’s a great start for plumping up a writing portfolio (written from a bit more of a neutral angle as opposed to the blog).  The next one will be available in April, and is distributed at Montreal events – check it out!

My first article will be an insiders look at Montreal fashion week and all the controversy that comes with designer falling outs, management, and why it still hasn’t broken out of it’s local arena… if you have info, stories, or insight, please feel free to contact me via e-mail (robyn@fashionista514.com).  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(Check out the creative vid I did for the KILL Mag iPad app… the pics in this post are stills to tempt you!)

I also wanted to thank everyone who has been continuously voting, liking, sharing and supporting my ventures in attaining the grand prize for a day as Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant editor for Metro newspaper in Paris.  Obviously a fashion lovers dream to not only meet him, but gain experience on my CV as an editor (invaluable)!

Your love and persistence has landed me with 552 votes thus far, and ranking sixth in Quebec.  While this is an incredible feat, I have to make it to top ten in the WORLD (*le sigh*).  From there, Mr. Lagerfeld himself will choose who he wants to work with.  I have no doubt that with a helluva lot of persistence, sharing, and daily reminding we can get me there (I promise to share my experience on my blog if I do)!  The last day to vote is said to be January 20th (only seven short days away)… so time is a ticking!

How do you vote?  Go directly to the site, and click away (limit of one vote per computer per day).  Karl will also be looking at the facebook comments and likes below the photo, so don’t be shy to drop a note of encouragement!

So keep on spreading the word, coming back for more, and revving me up – you’re making my dreams come true!

The KILL mag video was a blast to partake in, albeit the uber hot day on the mountain (and those wigs!), I think we got a great result.  Still wincing a bit over my lack of acting skills, but for a first attempt I’m pretty proud :).  All the glam outfits designed by Helmer, styled by Monica Giliati with direction from Vincent Fugere & Alvaro Pena, editing by Michel Beauchemin, and music by David Lynch.  Awesome team, and efficient too (this was a half day production)!

Now it’s time to get them giveaways out!

Bear with me as I name drop my winners for both the Calvin Klein perfume giveaway, as well as the ongoing Rowenta Beauty tools giveaways (and stay tuned for another giveaway I’ll be posting shortly for Stylemint, Shoemint and Jewelmint)…

(drumroll please)

Congrats to…

  • Natalia for winning the Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria perfume…
  • Donna Vitan for winning the Rowenta Beauty Versa Style flat iron…
  • Maria for winning the Rowenta Beauty Infini Auto Pro Sensor Dryer…
  • Lina for winning the Rowenta Beauty 2 in 1 Ceramic Curling Iron…
  • and last but not least, Kelly for winning the Rowenta Beauty Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron!
*phew – whatta list!*


Required listening, even if you’ve already heard Lana Del Rey – obsessed!

Take your ‘impossibles’ and cradle them, gently. Then kiss ‘em tenderly — and throw them off a moving train.

  • In a bit of an independent career slump?  While I sometimes doubt the road I have taken and it’s solidity in the future, posts like this clear all that nonsense away (and get me back to confident).
  • Love old black and white vintage photographs?  I’ve just discovered the Retronaut blog, and this wonderful post where everyone looks like their in a spaceship (makes me want to visit local archives and see what kind of fashion juice I can dig up)!
  • Have you explored the Advanced Style Blog yet?  Not only does it showcase some gorgeous elder ladies and their privy fashion sense, but the wisdom they share is infectious!  These gals know whats important in life – we could all learn a little somethin’ somethin’ from their crystal clear mentale…
  • Really loving this new sketch by Artaksiniya, The Cockerel, featuring a boy and his rooster <3
  • SO excited to have just ordered Malibu Cheesecake, the gorgeous pin up illustration book by Olivia De Berardinis!  Going to soak this one up (currently taking in the Vogue Paris recap collection mag – yummy).
  • This beauty ad spoof was done damn well, too bad it’s the truth about the fashion industry and our expectations of our physical self.
  • In case you need something amazing to watch this weekend and haven’t seen the full documentary on Tom Ford, check it out here (currently snuggled in bed sucked in).
  • Love digital picture frames?  Check out Polaboy – the flatscreen, cooler and hipster okay’d version (I want, I want)!
  • What is creativity, how do you mould and practice it, and why your mentality has a lot to do with it.  12 Lessons About Creativity They Didn’t Teach You In School is an absolute must-read for artists and entrepreneurs alike!


Haha… love this (and need one)!

Style wise I’ve been cocooning.  Having never been one for sweatpants (I don’t even wear my workout gear as loungewear inside the house), I’m always looking for an alternative that is both comfy and expressive.  You see, the problem is that when I work from home without a stitch of makeup, in my pj’s, and with my hair all messed up, I get less done.  Maybe the feeling of being sloppy-comfy bleeds into my mindset, but I can never really shake the “just woken up” feeling… which always leads to procrastination and lingering.  When I get up, eat, shower and take some time for grooming, I’m unstoppable.  The beauty of being at home however, does call for some alternative outfit choices, and luckily I am in an appropriate zone where partially see-through lace catsuits are applicable.  What can I say?  This American Apparel number is both sweet and sexy… AND there’s only one piece of clothing to put on, so add convenient and easy to that list.  Of course it is still winter, and I am still wearing a highly ventilated lace lycra one piece… so my vintage mink fur find from the 40’s is the perfect addition to heat things up while I type away…

Inside my mind, I have been battling many different decisions for the upcoming year… what I want to do, where I want to go, how I’m going to simplify and allow more actual work to get done.  It’s so easy to get distracted from the very real, valuable goal.  This year will be one of recuperation, enjoyment and discipline.  I want to make myself a home (I’m still building my place into something I can comfortably enjoy), get more work published in print, and take more chances that will add to my professional value.  Instead of the dizziness that comes with being overbooked, overworked and underproductive, I want to reverse it all.  Hone my abilities to make the simple into the regal and elegant, cut down and be more imaginative.  A soldier of the lesser, building and bringing something to the table.  I know I say this all the time, and you may think I’m more of a sayer than a doer (as earlier mentioned), but to check off things from your list in a permanent and fulfilling way, these things take time.  While I could definitely be more proactive in some areas, I am laying down the concrete of lifestyle to ensure everything else becomes a bit easier (I’ve never eaten cleaner in my life, ignored more fluffy requests or monetized more than I have now – it’s a start!).

I am proud to say that my relationship with money has become much more sensible over the years as well.  Not ever really having been a wasteful person, I have realized that through managing a business and specific projects, that there is hardly anything aside from food, transportation, rent, and phone that I spend on.  Granted, I am very lucky to be sent obscene amounts of hair products, makeup, clothing and gift certificates to weed things out… but still, with or without it all – not much would change.  My focuses and values are shifting.  So many things are no longer important, and the real things that are,keep getting harder and harder to identify and keep.

I know many people out there seem to have a very specific view of who I am (whatever it may entail), but the truth of the matter is that I am a very simple person whose best friends are her parents, pug, and blog.  I watch hoards of movies, am always eating or snacking on something fresh, and am a natural inhalator of books.  My thirst for learning is insatiable, and most of the time I would be completely happy if I never had to leave the house (told you I actually hibernate!).  When I get cold, I take bubble baths, when I get bored, I gawk at reality television.  That’s it, that’s all.  Essentially, I’m a hermit (the perfect thing to be as a writer), and I’m satisfied.  Why do we always need more?

Have a beautiful end of weekend ladies and gents… and don’t forget to VOTE (lol)!


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