514 Outfit Post – Old Port Lifestyle

514 Outfit Post – Old Port Lifestyle

Moving is no joke!

Two weeks into my new residence, and I’m completely smitten with the area.  My neighbourhood is an absolute dream, and the only thing I truly want to do is work, rest, and enjoy my space.  It’s all in the details, and everything from the local cafes and galleries; to the business people who grace the streets every morning, lunch, and 5 a 7, make for an unforgettable ambiance.  I’ve found a slice of heaven on earth (my sanctuary)!

I can’t really describe the duality I’m facing regarding privacy vs. public, but for someone who is supposed to be consistently publishing the inner workings of her experiences and life, I can’t help but feel a tad weighed down by the pressure of quantity.  I know what I’m supposed to be putting out, however the fact of the matter is I never want to sacrifice the authenticity of the content I pour my heart into on this personal platform.  I cannot express the draining feeling I get when trying to push myself to write a “story” based on insignificant facts or tips/tricks.  I love sharing my point of view on things, my blog is a safe zone to do so – to express myself and grow.  It is hard fighting off the guilt I automatically get when I don’t post something on a daily basis (this inner alarm literally goes off before I hit the hay).  Time and time again I have promised over and over again more consistency in my writing (and I guess in some ways, my inconsistency is exactly what’s to be expected).  It’s almost like I’m only just recently understanding my physical limitations.  I get tired (am I getting old?).  I can’t work like a slave nonstop anymore (something that I so closely tied to my identity).  At some point, I let myself relax, and now my body doesn’t want to kick it back into high gear.  Being self employed is draining.  Absolutely rewarding and amazing, but a lot of dedication and work.  I guess in some ways I’m just looking for where I’ll get the strength and energy to push to the next level.  Being a creature of comfort definitely doesn’t help… all I want to do on a rainy day is snuggle under the covers and watch more 90210 (yeah, I know… I know… but it’s practically a new age OC okay?!).

I’ve been working with my web guy on some pretty soon-to-be-announced exciting stuff!  Soon, my site will have the option of magazine format for any touchscreen device!  Feel free to browse regularly or flip through the pages as you please! I’m also entertaining the idea of an iBook project… and get ready for the soon-to-be-revealed newsletter with exclusive content for subscribers-only!  Lots in the works that I can’t wait to introduce individually as they ready.  It’s really amazing how much information is out there to learn from (if you only take the time)!

Todays launch?  514 Street Style du Jour on the facebook fanpage!  Check back regularly for new adds and daily style inspiration!

Links I Love

(What I’m Wearing; DVF tunic dress, H&M neon stilettos) 

(What I’m Wearing; H&M sheer sleeveless top/gold cuff bracelet/shell earrings, Forever 21 wedges)

(What I’m Wearing; Marni for H&M top, H&M shorts, Nine West wedges, John Hardy bamboo hoop earrings, Gap scarf and leather purse)

Playing catchup today…

Have a beautiful Tuesday honeys!


PS Check out the F514 feature done by Lisa Power for the Travis Taddeo blog here!

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