514 Outfit Post – White, Black & Gold

514 Outfit Post – White, Black & Gold

Howdy honeys!

I’m finally feeling my blogging groove coming back to me (I guess I needed that month to myself).  I’ve been fully absorbed in my premature summer reading with Jackie O bio’s, Andy Warhol diary entries, the historic documentation of Angels, and now the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (am I the only one hooked but annoyed by how poorly it’s written?  Repetition and published grammatical errors are mega pet peeves of mine). This week I’m closing up all the details regarding the purchase of my soon-to-be (dream) home.  If all goes well, I’ll be on my way this weekend!  The pugs are psyched (there is so much green space all around), and I am more than ready for the leap.  It’s been a long journey of paperwork, waiting, and ups/downs – I’m ready for it to be over and mine (let me tell you it’s quite the process!).

On a fashion note, I’m falling deeper and deeper into the simple and neutral.  There is something to be said about great cuts and limited colours/prints in ones wardrobe.  Wearing all white gives the Saint Tropez effect in the summer (no matter where you’re residing)… and of course black has always been the perfect compliment to it’s simplicity in my minds eye (currently loving it’s contrast with gold).  I frisked Zara this morning and invested in a white lace blazer and matching shorts in black… then I stocked up on the now extinct D&G dress line (oh how I will miss that brand that fit me to a T).  It’s always an amazing feeling to boost your wardrobe with seasonal upgrades.

While many deem basics boring and uninteresting (I use to be this person), I beg you to view them in a different light (those who already have are milestones ahead).  Understated clothing allows the person wearing them to not be overshadowed by patterns, excessive cuts, and patchwork approaches to styling and accessorizing.  While there is a time and place for everything in fashion, there is something classic and utterly timeless about never abandoning the fundamentals.

Looking back to some of the most iconic personalities of the world, the white and black in their public appearances holds an almost symbolic value.  Marilyn Monroe/Jean Harlow/the Pope – white.  Angelina Jolie – neutrals.  Jackie O – tortoise shell & American/French classics.  Audrey Hepburn/Madonna – black… I think you get my drift.  It is a very calculated endeavor to market yourself as immortal, and style-wise, for many of these people, it will be how they will forever be remembered.  Think back to the eighties… hell, think back to the nineties or to some of the first things Gaga sported as an entertainer… every trend created and sported; a mere notch on the fashion timeline.  The truth is, most don’t escape the vile grips of trendy style (the almighty culture predator that never stops hunting you down long after the years progress)… most glance back on pictures provoking and unearthing humiliating hair and ensembles they’d rather forget (or straight up burn).

Why are indulging in beautiful basics the way of the future (and past)?  Because they never loose their shape, place, or importance in the world.  They represent status, collectivity, and a demeanor reserved for the more important things in life.  They are appropriate and do not demand attention (although they will achieve it nonetheless).  They also never swallow up the person wearing them – allowing for both personality and beauty to prevail without distraction.  I’m not saying get rid of everything you own that flashes brands, logos, typography, or the slightest resemblance of funk… vanilla does not have to mean plain (in fact, if you think about it, vanilla is a perfectly complex flavour that never looses it’s highly coveted appeal – it’s also one of the hardest tastes to  properly perfect).

Next time you go shopping, look at the things that don’t catch your eye… ignore the prints (unless of course it’s a beautiful one you can’t live without), and try on the pieces with the most intricate cuts/sharpest details.  Less really is more.  Think of it as a visual de-clutter.  A primary technique to rid your life of too many options that only waste time and effort.  You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll pull the simple but well made pieces out of your closet – they are the perfect fillers to the outgoing, and truly polish off everything.  Style it up with some bold gold (for a summer take), or keep it crisp with icy silver accents (great for fall/winter, or anytime you’re feeling a tad bitchier).  Thank me later.

 What I’m Wearing

  • Zara blazer
  • Forever 21 tote
  • Le Chateau capris
  • H&M bikini top & jewelry
  • Nine West wedges
Was anyone else up last night during the thunder/lightning storm?  It was enchanting…


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