Getting ready to get glammed up for an event tonight at Queue de Cheval, so I leave you with some fun light reading lovelies – the best of the internet as seen by moi today!  Enjoy!

  • Bow Berlin – an incredible jewellery and leather boutique with one of the most original ways of displaying their products… care tires!  Check it out, beyond cool!
  • Photo inspiration behind F514!  Have you checked out my Tumblr?  Five posts a day that shape the way I think of fashion.
  • This fab halloween twitpic.
  • 75 Reminders For Tough Times – absolutely love this (tweet worthy)!
  • 123Klan – street/graphic art from the 514 getting known internationally, working with some of the leading corporate brands, and writing extremely hilarious about sections on their website.  Kudos!
  • How to be successful?  Do one thing really well.  Over and over.  Perfect your discipline/talent.
  • Painter Kelly Allen‘s vivid/contemporary canvases – dark in an oh so colourful light!



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