A Valentine’s Wish & Giveaway Winner!

A Valentine’s Wish & Giveaway Winner!

This week has been regrettably slow here on the blog as I try and keep up with my ever-gaining weight, doctor’s appointments, and multiple projects on the go.  The exhaustion has hit me like never before, and although I still feel full of zest when properly rested, my mind has to continuously work to kick my body’s ass.

Happy Valentine’s day!

I was lucky enough to spend my day with the man shacked in, and will be getting showered and dressed shortly to head out for a romantic poutine dinner (you have no idea how long I’ve waited for it!).  Packed down a pint of chocolate/caramel ice cream last night (a lifetime first), so not feeling the healthiest at the moment.  Either baby is craving some serious weight gain, or I’m just getting really good at my binges.  Nonetheless, I’m feeling remarkably blessed for all the love in my life, and looking forward to a fairly low-key weekend (time to get that energy back up!).


Wishing you a beautiful weekend of love (be it with your special someone, family, cat, or fish), and the ability to recognize that romance isn’t always your typical gesture.  It sneaks up on you!


P.S. Congrats to Carmencita on winning the Valentine’s Day Vaseline Giveaway!  Look out for my email…

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