Andrea Hausmann Film Noir, The Evil Eye & Phillipe Blondspiration

Andrea Hausmann Film Noir, The Evil Eye & Phillipe Blondspiration

At the very beginning of an all-nighter to finish (and start) a multitude of articles I’ve left last minute to piece together (ah, the curse of the procrastinating writer).  Amongst them, researching questions to ask design duo, the Blonds.  While their shows are amongst my all time fashion faves, I was surprised to witness their down to earth, fun, and humble personalities (which generally appear very larger than life… may have something to do with the sheer amount of glamour they dually create sans lifting a perfectly manicured nail).  After some great laughs surfing youtube interview vids, and major hair envy due to shuffling through a variety of unintentional Beyonce-shaming editorial-worthy pics, I adore their positive outlook and love for each other.  There is something to be said for the couple who works and plays together, compliments each other in the pursuit of success, and honours individual passion (while maintaining a relationship foundation as solid as a rock).

While the world is very fond of true love and togetherness (at least towards the ending of any romance movie or novel), sometimes in reality bitter feelings of envy and vengeance can overshadow pure and honest intentions and thoughts.  So does the evil eye truly exist?  Can someone else’s thoughts send negative and harmful energy that has the ability to transform or hurt you your way?  We’ve all been there… witnessed relationships, events, even projects fall apart in front of us for no particular reason when everything was absolutely perfect.  The seemingly no cause for the harsh effects unleashed back to you.  Many people perceive the evil eye to be something of a curse placed on whoever’s at the other end of it, but it’s not meant to be as mystical as that.  The evil eye can be any overplayed attention to either an object, person, or animal.  It can even be in good intentions – someone taking note of another’s beauty, wealth, fame, love, or achievements.  Someone wishing they were you, you wishing you were someone else.  The energy and devotion that takes (even momentarily), is said to result in a constructed power that gets sent out into the universe – projected and placed on a specific course.  While belief may play a huge part into how involved and affected you are from these energies, can we flat out deny their existence?  Are we merely being superstitious by accepting that we may all be a target?  Unlike the visual you may be getting of your arch enemies sticking voodoo pins into a plushy doll all too resemblant of you, think of the last time you scrolled down your Facebook feed.  There are always moments when your friends, family members, or acquaintances post things that perhaps change the way you see them (allowing judgement to cross the mind).  It doesn’t have to be negative either.  I’m guilty of peering into friends lives who have beautiful children and families, with anticipation for my own someday soon.  Sometimes, regardless of wether or not you have enemies or an amazing support system in your life (it can be tricky to tell which is which at times), it’s in your best intention to invite some privacy into your world.  Not every revelation needs to be posted on Facebook, not every twitter update boasting about how amazing or shitty your life is.  Enjoy/mourn a few things for yourself!

These shots by Andrea Hausmann I posted quite a while back on Facebook, but definitely deserve their own spot in the sun.  She always knows how to make me feel like a goddess, despite the inner workings or goofiness working against me.

Back to work…


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