Annabelle Cosmetics Marie-Mai Ambassador Loft Hotel Launch

Annabelle Cosmetics Marie-Mai Ambassador Loft Hotel Launch

Happy friday beauties!

My god how the week has flown by… I don’t even know where the time went…

This week I attended the Annabelle Cosmetics official announcement launch of their new brand ambassador Marie-Mai (a local Quebec songstress)!  She will be representing both the cosmetic line’s new BB cream, as well as a Twist Up lipstick in a purple hue.  I can’t begin to stress my excitement enough for the new shades released from Annabelle – pops of opaque lip colour flawlessly framed by luminous and healthy BB skin fixers.  I admit to have tumbled down the creamy foundation/tinted moisturizer rabbit hole as of late when it comes to perfecting my makeup bases (formerly only a fan of super thick, matte coverage).  I’m finding a mix of mineral powder, and creamy thick (anti-aging) concealer to be my new go-to glow secret (I guess I’m getting closer to an age where I need all the luminosity tips and tricks I can find!).  I’m also starting to realize how vital monthly extraction facials are for my skin type and schedule (you need a good clean when you can’t always be stress-free)!

In any case, I know I’ve said it before – but humour me and let me say it again… I am SO proud of how far Annabelle has come in the past few years.  Not only do I owe them so much for discovering me and my blog so early on (enabling me to jumpstart my company full-time), but their belief in both me and the evolution of their products gives me that warm fuzzy inner feeling every time.  There aren’t many teams out there as dedicated and passionate about creating amazing things (exactly why they stick out so prominently when you are lucky enough to come across them).  I am flattered and honoured to be a part of something bigger than me – something I really believe in, use, and get excited about time and time again (the feeling never gets old).  In an age of crumbling company loyalty, even as a contractor I feel appreciated and valued.  I pinch myself every day – never quite believing what I could have done in a past life to have everything I do in this.

Check out the gorgeous new display for stores – lights and all!

Never again will Annabelle fade into the shelves…

These risotto balls were a dream… I think I had about ten of them (no exaggeration).

On a personal note, I am just closing the details of my first home purchase!

Inspection and notary next week – then move in!  I feel like I’ve waited forever for this, and can’t wait till it’s all a wrap and I’m living in Montreal’s Old Port.  So close to so much beauty, amazing food, and the water.  I’ll just want to walk the dogs all day, do yoga, and drop in on all the designers whose ateliers are based there!  I think this will be an amazing new beginning, focus, and step in a grown up direction for me.  This year has had a lot of change, and it’s mostly all been positive – leading me closer and closer in the direction of my dreams.

Sephora also opened this week (to which I am thoroughly obsessed) in Les Ailes de la Mode.  I think I’ve visited every day since… Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion is officially on my “to buy” list (been milking the sample I got ever since – loving the professional effect).  A wonderful selection of skincare, haircare, and cosmetics you can’t get anywhere else – a must for any 514 beauty junky who loves to roam and play the aisles (677 Ste. Catherine St. W).

What does this Sephora have that others don’t?  A fragrance bar, a nail bar (with newsprint, and graffiti spray paint effect how-to digital demonstrations), more brushes than you could ever hope to flush across the apples of your cheeks, and a private consulting room.  I’m still lost in the delicious goody bag they issued me at the end of the night…

Leslie-Ann and Cary (the makeup artist for the Annabelle ads, alongside the stylist) were there to soak in their hard work…

… and I brought my cousin Leisha with me!

What I’m Wearing

  • D&G fuchsia satin dress
  • Zara blazer
  • Miss MAK quilted bag

Love these ladies <3

Miss Marie Mai and Denis Gagnon…

… and the beautiful DJ (Miss Julie St-Pierre).

Loved this quote (on a totally unrelated note);

“In a culture that promotes quick fixes and immediate gratification,

it is much too easy to lose sight of one’s objectives, when so many temptations invite us to fail. What is this sense of entitlement that pervades society today? Has the whole concept of delayed gratification gone out the window?

  What are we teaching our children, when we ourselves cannot resist yielding to each momentary desire, each of-the-moment whim?  Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons. The secret to overcoming temptation is to remember what you want. Your objective must hang,
like a banner, over all that you do.” 

~ Cynthia Lee Surette


Photos courtesy of the Annabelle facebook fanpage


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