Annabelle Photoshoot/Toronto Beauty Premiere & Ray Caesar Fine Art

Annabelle Photoshoot/Toronto Beauty Premiere & Ray Caesar Fine Art

I continuously keep losing text I’ve written (but abandoned in an open window), that refuses to save successfully automatically (damn you WordPress, damn you).  Currently at the pops house, realizing that my inner battery is not what it used to be (all nighters seem to be a thing of the past despite my coffee and black tea efforts) – not so great when there is an outstanding amount of work left undone.  I’ve already mentioned the living in slow motion in previous posts, but I’m finding it especially hard to keep up with not much at all.  I’m kind of worried that I’ll never be able to snap out of it all.  It seems as though all I do is sleep and eat en masse!

Reading and watching movies of undying love and circumstance…

Finally understanding what it means to love, and that sometimes you have to wait your entire life to either find it, or for it to come back to you.  Many don’t realize that albeit it’s fragility, it’s strength can also with time and patience surpass even the greatest obstacles.  It’s all about not allowing elements of reality skew the experiences and feelings you’ve developed with someone.  Everyone has something (or several things) that set them off and trigger the toxic behaviour that pushes each other away… will you let their ammo penetrate you, or can you put your emotions/pride to the side for a moment and really realize what’s going on.

It’s been all about Annabelle lately!  Not only did we wrap up the shootings for next years ad campaigns last week at Tuxedo Agency, but I travelled with the entire team to Toronto for the Beauty Premiere event at the Thompson Hotel!  Held in the gorgeous rooftop loft (with a smashing view of the city amidst modern decor and a pool up top), the beauty bloggers flooded in to see what’s new and happening for the Marcelle Group next year!  From gel eyeliner/shadows, more colours when it comes to their glitter eyeliner range, and Le Big Show gloss – a non sticky vitamin enriched formula they’ve just developed, 2012 is sure to be a big year for the beauty brand.  On the Marcelle front (Annabelle’s big sister if you will), new creams, mascaras (which I’m already currently obsessed with), and balms will surface with covetable improved technology bringing the luxury of the products to the next level.  I’m excited!  How hard it is to keep all the secrets of the new products yet to launch (so much goodness to come).

The team we shot with at Tuxedo was amazing – honestly, some of Montreal’s finest.  Stylist Cary Tauben belted out Britney and Bieber hits throughout the day (hitting every note right on spot – if you want proof you can check out the vid I posted to twitter), Jessica LaBlanche (I’m a big fan of her renowned alternative modelling shots) aided main makeup artist Leslie ann Thomson in flawless makeup, Patrick from Orbit gave my coif some angle, and Ludwig shot the entire day egging the models on with positivity and exuberance (made me laugh at times how into it he got!).  After a long day (7am till 9pm), the team packed up with the satisfaction that can only ever come with doing amazing work – I then ran home to eat (starved and tired)!

Man beauty.  Completely obsessed with his eyeball rings.

Jess & Patrick.


I can’t show you any of the finalized looks for any of the campaigns, but here is the room we hung out in all day!  Of course everything was video documented for youtube shorts ;).

The Annabelle team in T dot!

Me, Janine (the lady behind developing Annabelle products) and Maha.

Throughout the Toronto Beauty Premiere event, I was mostly stationed at the gloss bar (I can’t help but love the reactions of guests when they see their custom gloss for the first time – it’s highly addictive).  Explaining how the pigments work and doing what I could to help with the colour combos, I met a lot of peeps I consistently chat on twitter with (as soon as I saw their profile icon I knew exactly who they were!).  I also experienced my very first dirty martini with Patty the daredevil (surprising seeing as my addiction to olives seems to be at an all time high)… love that chick!

Love the art I wedged into this post?  Check out the very talented Ray Caesar’s official page and fall in love with his hauntingly classical portraits.

How awesome are these shoes (and this ad)?!?!

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Have a beautiful weekend lovelies!
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