Babies – To Post, Or Not To Post?

Babies – To Post, Or Not To Post?

I’ve had something of a dilemma on my mind for a while now.  Every day my opinion about it seems to change (or in the very least, sway).

With the upcoming birth of my son, social media has me by the neck.  Although a commonly controversial topic within the lifestyle blogging community, I can’t make up my mind as to which side of the fence I fall on when it comes to posting public pictures of my baby online.

Before I go into detail, first let it be known that I above all people adore following blogs and feeds loaded with adorable kiddy moments.  I love the pride, tenderness, and comedy that so easily shines through a parent’s picture of their child.  In fact, I actively look for sites and users who capture gorgeous moments of their family life and share them with the rest of the world.  It’s the most comforting thing when you’re pregnant to witness a variety of different parenting styles and perspectives.  I also think it’s great that families can share a hobby like curating and populating content for a blog together (what better way to document daily milestones and memories?).

There is no doubt that having kids changes your life.  That the center of whatever your world may have previously been shifts to this little entity that relies solely on you for their every essential.  I know I’m going to want to post 1,000 pictures of my baby’s every first on instagram (that’s daily, btw).  I know I’m going to want my family to share breakthroughs via video and albums on facebook.    I know I’ll want to go full-out mom on twitter and interact with a plethora of other women sharing in my joy.  I know all of this.  But there are so many reasons that make me feel I should hold back.

First and foremost, my son may be a baby, but he’s also a human being with human rights.  I don’t want to treat him like a toy or accessory (and please don’t assume I’m remarking that other people do).  Just as I wouldn’t post media of someone who didn’t give me their blessing, I feel guilty about making that choice for him.  The world is different from when I grew up, and the internet can be an odd platform.  The last thing I want is for my children to mature forevermore surrounded by a history they may not be interested in displaying publicly (let alone without their consent).  While I do believe that privacy is dead, I don’t need to be the culprit in making so much family knowledge accessible to strangers.

In a perfect world, my blog would incorporate my son and all my future kiddos into every part of it (and who knows, maybe in the end, it will).  I’m just a little wary of “evil eyes”, too much unnecessary attention, and of course, unknown potential future outcomes.  As a soon-to-be parent, the instinct to protect is already inherent.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the matter.  Do you/would you feel comfortable sharing such intimate content about your child(ren) with the public?  If not, what are your biggest concerns?  How far is too far (and beyond the safety measure, do you find it intrusive and annoying to your feeds when other moms do it consistently)?  Please share!


P.S. [photo credit – kidscase]


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