Backstage Beauty @ Mandy Coon SS13 w/Moroccanoil’s Antonio Corral Calero

Backstage Beauty @ Mandy Coon SS13 w/Moroccanoil’s Antonio Corral Calero

Yesterday I set out into the world in an effort to buy my man some Christmas goodies.  So far, I’ve been unable to wait to give him both Gorilla Glue (a seemingly amazing multi-purpose adhesive for all the manly men out there with apelike instincts to build and repair), and a Starbucks gift card for future coffee walks/dates.  Dudes are a whole other level of difficult to shop for.  I’ve never been good at man gifting (my dad being absolutely impossible to shop for), and it seems as though my natural instinct for it has yet to kick in.  While I do have an idea as to what I’ll pick up and hand make for my boys, it’s always a wildcard bet as to if it’s actually used and liked.

I, on the other hand, have already been ridiculously spoiled (it seems as though we may have a waiting problem).  When a Birks bag enters the house, how long do you realistically expect me to ignore it before pestering you with questions and begging for hints?  Taking mercy on my soul, the Mr. allowed me to open the beautiful box containing a luminous pair of Akoya pearl earrings.  Needless to say, I haven’t taken them off since, and seem to be growing my pearl collection rather quickly at this rate (I’ll have a full set by the time I get hitched)!  While I refuse to be a wedding-obsessed blogger (I just can’t, and won’t), my dress recently came, disappointingly only to be a bit of a flop.  While it’s stunning and sweet, it’s just not what I was expecting (queue bridezilla music).  Eventually I guess I’ll have to look in person, but I’m happy to share that I’ll be keeping the sweet prom-like addition to my wardrobe (and be wearing it from the other side of my posts on girly days at home).  Every dame needs a princess dress, I can’t wait to take a nap in mine.

Scan 2

I fell in love with these shots after I got them developed.  I was so scared they wouldn’t come out, so doubtful of the black and white despite it’s usual magical outcome.  Digital photography has literally made me petrified of losing my one-and-only-chance film shots (there is nothing more devastating than waiting for a particularly remembered frame, only to realize it fell victim to poor exposure).  With fashion week’s high-paced energy, that one click of the moment is all you’ve got.  You don’t get the shot, you’re loss.  Film really teaches you about timing.  My aim is getting better, just needs more practice…

While we’re on the subject of practice, amongst my Christmas present requests, were knitting and crochet supplies (to which I can happily confirm I’ve already gotten and raided)… to which I can’t extract myself from for the life of me.  Last night I was up until 5am, hands cramped and sore, still ecstatic to be building line after line.  While my first project is a simple wool scarf for the mister, I’m already growing greedy to learn different stitches, try new patterns, and really go full grandma on the world.  Hopefully with enough practice I’ll be able to make some scant crochet bikinis for next summer… I’m counting on the year of studio classes the man surprised me with today to help in that department!  How I top everything he has already gotten me for Christmas, I’m not quite sure yet, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve yet…

Scan 3

Aside from holiday cheer, I am increasingly feeling more and more as though I have been born again (no religion involved).  So much transition has happened over the past year, and I am in the happiest place I think I’ve ever been.  I feel like I’m growing into someone who is far more competent than the girl I used to be.  While I am far from a finished product, everything from my hair growing in, to my body changing with exercise, my health feeling better through my food and rest, and my mind taking the time to really think and apply, has created a self that I really love and am proud of.  It’s all really made me understand the importance of a solid base, and the loss of ego in it’s entirety.  That external factors outside of your family, hold absolutely nothing over you.  The world is your playground, it’s up to you to manoeuvre the token strategically.

I have so many hopes and dreams for the future, and am so incredibly thankful to everyone around me preparing me to conquer them all, in the realest of ways.  It is one thing to say you’ll do it, but as I’ve sometimes learnt the hard way, without the action, it never really ever existed at all.  One step at a time, and you’ll get there, wherever it is you’re going.

Scan 7

Scan 9

Scan 13

Scan 14

Scan 15

Scan 16

Special shout out to Antonio and the Moroccanoil team who extended the invitation backstage for the Mandy Coon show at Milk last fashion week.  Watching the head hairstylist in action, hearing the inspiration surrounding his collaboration with the designer, and absorbing the energy his passionate team embodies (not to mention the very talented makeup artists who complete it all), was nothing short of inspiring.  For this look, Antonio used the lines new gel formula to create a wet looking updo with it’s own piecey urban attributes.  I’d love to rock something like this (if only I had the hair!).

Scan 17

Scan 18

Scan 19

Scan 20

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