Black Beauty – My Bugaboo Bee

Black Beauty – My Bugaboo Bee

This past weekend has left me feeling completely hung over (but oddly rested all at once).  This whole new year business has me motivated and excited to juice the most out of each day, honing in on organizing my life a bit better.  There is something to be said about having everything ready, in place, and at your disposal to keep the everyday running smoothly.  Saturday brought with it quality brunch time with my dad and his girlfriend, alongside some incredible Christmas drop-offs for bebe.

The man and I really got spoiled this year.  We are slowly but steadily building up a beautiful array of necessities to welcome baby boy into the world with every sleek comfort.  I’ve become something of a robot when it comes to transforming and converting baby gear – it becomes an absolute obsession until I’ve mastered the product at hand.  Bring me baby stuff and I’ll zone out completely until I’ve figured it out.  As my due date inches closer and closer as the days fly by, all those very real preparations that you continuously put off until later in pregnancy are now here.  Time to start packing my hospital bag.  Order a shipment of diapers.  Wash all of little one’s clothes and blankets.  It’s mind boggling that after a said amount more of weeks, my son can come at any time (I’ve got to get on those breathing exercises if I want to survive my birth experience drug-free!).  As baby stuff finds it’s place into every corner of my home, may I introduce to you a few of the latest adds…


When I saw the Maxi Cosi Mico carseat, it’s fluid design, and how light it is for on-the-go city dwellers, it’s compatibility with my stroller of choice felt absolutely meant-to-be.  When it comes to kid’s stuff, I have something of a phobia for the bulky, fluorescent, and plastic.  Most of it looks like junk to me – so something aesthetically pleasing, of quality, functionality, and durability tops my consumer list.  Call me paranoid, but I believe in such things as overstimulation when it comes to babies… the muted, basic, and educational are what I’ll be sticking to when it comes to selecting everything from toys, towel hues, gear, and food (simple, natural, and whole).


Behold my beautiful Bugaboo Bee all black!  I feel like Cinderella, I got my happy stroller ending (Louboutin who?).

Full with winter footmuff and a Jolly Jumper stroller bag (Daddy, you did good), we’re ready to roll.


Seeing as I’ll most likely be as protective of a mother as they come, I predict the stroller seat will be facing me for at least a year and a half (should little man not fuss for it the other way).  The Bugaboo is like butter to convert, steer, and lift.  This infant sleeping bag slips into the car seat and reclined Bugaboo position (gotta be ready here in the great white north).


I wish they made things this snuggly for adults.



I can’t wait to get out and about with little Mr. Man!  As a big time pedestrian, fluid mobility is a total necessity.  Carriers will be my next go-to (I have my eye on the Ergo, Beco Gemini, and Solly baby wrap).

Had to share – I get so excited looking at this stuff, anticipating what everything will be like once baby bug is here!


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