C’est Magnifique Jewelry & Thompson LES Hotel NYC

C’est Magnifique Jewelry & Thompson LES Hotel NYC

I’m officially done with blond.  Beelined it to the pharmacy today for two boxes of dye – red as a base (so that my hair didn’t turn green), and dark brown to cover it all up.

I now look like Spock.

Why undo a years worth of chasing the perfect tone of blond (and finally achieving it)?  My hair is fried, simply put.  While I had a ton of fun trying out new styles and cuts, what I really want at this point in my life is a bit more simplicity and natural beauty.  Heading to the salon every three weeks is something I can’t exactly see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I’m much more of a DIY box girl.  Pink was fun, but really not me.  I miss wearing my red lipstick, I miss the contrast of nearly black hair against porcelain skin.  I miss how effortless dark hair colours are – allowing whatever you choose to wear to speak for itself.  Above everything else, I love that every time I mess around with my aesthetic, I’m always humbled by the fact that I was made the way I should be in the first place (probably my main reason for never fully understanding people’s obsessions with plastic surgery).  God/genes/whatever you worship, deals us all the cards we need to play.

More than anything else, although I just cropped all my hair off in a pixie-like fashion, I want to grow it out a la Demi Moore (yeah, I know… long way to go).

(Wearing American Apparel white tee, Zara blazer, Miss MAK suede convertible purse, Mavi Lindy jeans from Boutique Onze, Alexander Wang whipstitch booties)

Last weekend I set off for New York city for three days.  Staying at the comfy Thompson LES hotel on the lower east side (one of my favourite areas), I crammed each day with a mix of touristic and local adventures.  So much Eataly on fifth, a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, lobster dinner pondering through the Chelsea market, apartment lusting on the upper west side, shoe shopping at Tokio 7 and Bergdorfs (alongside a close Reed Krakoff call at Saks), gluten-free pizza finds, tea for days, a tarot encounter with a psychic, the perfect chocolate chip cookie and coffee pairing in Soho…

There is no choice but for me to move there next year.  Not only do I feel completely at home everywhere I go there, but awe and inspiration sneak up on me with every turn of a corner.  This year will be completely about preparation.  Every business decision I make, every additional project I take on – will all be steps forward to where I need to be going.  I would love to buy a place in Montreal beforehand, but the right deal has to come along (and I mean deal).  I guess I’m slowly realizing that even though I can get away with immaturity here and there, I’m an adult now.  It’s time to fess up to responsibility – stop being afraid of the next steps.  While I love the 514, it’s very limiting for creatives.  I would love the opportunity to submerge myself in a melting pot of “whatever goes” and see where I come out (although I don’t really find myself to be too lost – more curious than anything else).  Time for the leap.

The view from my room was gorgeous – the light in the morning was sublime to wake up to (and the Kiehl’s freebies… *le sigh*).

While in town, I dropped by C’est Magnifique – a jewelry store with incredible personality, celebrity following, history, and craft.  Opening originally on Macdougal street in 1959 (the shop recently changed it’s location to 328 East 9th street, suite B), it remains a family owned business whose extensive following includes Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop.  With gorgeous skull rings (a specialty), London market-esque evil eye rings (with astrology symbolism), cross pendants, and even cult movie figures immortalized in silver (or gold if you so wish).  The contrast between “badass” and antique/culturally intriguing jewels makes this spot a must-see when you’re in town.  Of course they take custom orders, and will happily resize on the spot!  You can also expect genuine, down to earth hospitality and expertise while searching for something perfect.

C’est Magnifique

328 East 9th Street Suite B

(between 1st & 2nd Ave in the East Village)

New York, NY 10003

(212) 475 1613

(Wearing All Saints silk chiffon artist tunic, Marni for H&M navy windbreaker, and Gucci watch)

Alfred and I after picking out one of his skull ring creations (above).


Willy my equine tour guide!

(Wearing All Saints tunic tee, Zara blazer & white leather studded booties, American Apparel black disco pants, and Miss MAK suede convertible purse)

(Wearing Forever 21 tee, American Apparel black disco pants, Zara blazer, and Marni for H&M leather sandals)

Off to bed!


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