Changes – Prepping & Primping

Changes – Prepping & Primping

As of next week, I am officially off on early maternity leave.  My departure feels like something comparable to an early retirement, even though I fully plan on continuing multiple projects and collaborations after my 9 to 5 workweeks are behind me.  For someone with plans for a big family (I’m serious when I say I want five kids), continual contract work and flexibility will quickly resume its place as my everyday norm.

Although I’ve been excited about my time off for quite a while now, I still feel like all the additional free time that’s about to hit me (if only temporarily) is a bit surreal.  A few goals I have to complete before bebe arrives…

  • Finish his hand knit baby blanket
  • Make a homemade baby gym
  • Make a unique crib mobile
  • Indulge in some final “me” time
  • Exercise daily for a good hour (I’ll be focusing on bundled up brisk walks and thorough yoga stretches)
  • Sell every bit of unneeded excess I own (from books, sports gear, shoes, clothes, furniture, you name it…)
  • Wash everything baby related!
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Enjoy my baby shower!
  • Create more beauty/makeup/Outfit posts
  • Go on a movie date night with the man
  • Shoot maternity pictures
  • Expand my recipe repertoire
  • Take time to visit with friends and family
  • Practice breathing and Hypnobirthing techniques
  • Prepare an updated blog Media Kit
  • Do my taxes and get up to date with my invoices!
  • Visit the maternity ward I’ll be delivering at, and taking their breastfeeding course
  • Take a prenatal class (I still have yet to master the art of the swaddle)
  • Finish little mans illustrated animal picture book

Wish me luck (here’s hoping a two month time span will be sufficient)!


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