Clean Comfort Eats – Satisfying Dinners

Clean Comfort Eats – Satisfying Dinners

While I’ve always loved cooking, I haven’t always been good at it (I still may not be, but hey – becoming a chef is a lifelong work in progress n’est pas?).  Creating wholesome, healthy, and hearty eats has become both a fixation and fascination for me.  And while I occasionally end up on overblown experimental streaks at times, my meals are generally pretty simple in their diversity.

When it comes to dinner, two things matter:

  1. Can I throw it in a pot (and then throw it in the oven or steam it?)
  2. Are the ingredients fresh enough to simply add a bit of salt, water, and butter to perfect?

Family (on both the man’s side, as well as my own) have lent me a few culinary tricks, and now it’s time to share…

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For a great broiled at-home steak…

After picking up a great cut of meat (we love organic slices at home), this how-to is both the simplest and smartest method I’ve come across when it comes to broiling that bad boy.

Tip: While broiling sounds really intimidating, it’s in fact quite the opposite.  Super fast, easy, and incredibly tasty – just don’t make the same initial mistake as me and over-salt when applying your rub!

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For zesty mashed potatoes…

Bring your potatoes to a boil until soft, and while running cool water over the cooked result, peel the skin off with a knife.  While the skinless potatoes are still hot, mash manually with a masher adding in a healthy dose of either coconut oil or butter, salt, and almond/goat/cow’s milk.  If you love a little extra when it comes to creamy, throw in some goat/cow’s milk sour cream while you’re at it.  Mash together, and stir in some crushed garlic for an added kick.  Enjoy!

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For homemade meat sauce…

The mother-in-law taught me this recipe, and I haven’t bought store-made sauce since.

With a little bit of olive oil, cook ground veal/beef on medium in a non-stick pan until golden.  Cut around six tomatoes in half and place them on top of the meat, adding in a halved onion as well.  Basil makes for a great addition, but feel free to experiment with cilantro or parsley for different tastes.  Toss in a few cloves of garlic (depending on your preference), add a teaspoon of salt, and top off with a sprinkle of turmeric.  Cover pan and cook on medium until tomatoes are soft and can be mashed into a sauce.  Once the tomato juice is boiling and the onion is cooked through, allow the sauce to simmer on low for added flavour (a good twenty minutes or more is ideal).  Toss in your favourite cheese while simmering, and serve once slightly cooled.  Vegetarian (or prefer something a little lighter)?  Make this mix without meat, and serve up with a great quinoa pasta.

Bon Appetite!


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