Currently Coveting – Baby BIRKS

Currently Coveting – Baby BIRKS
Although I haven’t been to many, baby showers can be tricky events to shop for.  Having just recently had mine, it was nothing short of a blessing when friends and family came together to support me and provide for my little addition.  As exciting as attending an event like this can be, gifting can be excruciating if a registry hasn’t been set up (I always want to ensure I’m not doubling up on a gift already gotten!).  There are some items however, that remain classics.  Beautiful givings that exceed necessities and remain keepsakes throughout the years.  Gifts that your newborn cannot outgrow, distress, or ruin.  These timepieces stay within your family, and inevitably get passed down for generations to come.  Receiving a Birks Blue Box has become something of a statement-making tradition in my family when it comes to memorable occasions (including my engagement ring, alongside an assortment of passed-down heirlooms).


When it comes to making a house a home, and bringing a child into a safe, beautiful environment – these Baby BIRKS picks make the cut.


Header: Silver-Plated Helicopter Bank A Maison BIRKS exclusive, this lively and imaginative bank will have little boys counting their pennies towards big adventures and lavish dreams!

1. Silver-Plated “I Love To Learn” Coin Bank (Nolan bug was graciously gifted this beauty courtesy of the Birks team, and it looks gorgeous beside his music box.  Baby shower tip: make sure to add in a cash note when you gift a coin bank – it’s good luck and symbolic of prosperity for the little one!).
2. Winnie the Pooh Clock This adorable little clock will teach your little ones time without being outgrown as they sprout.
3. Winnie the Pooh Mini Double Picture Frame (could Piglet be any cuter?).
4. Sterling Silver Heart Stud Earrings Because tiny screw-close earrings on baby girls are just darling.
5. Silver-Plated Plain Ring Handle Spoon for Baby (for the minimalist, modern-loving family to be).  I once heard a quote that never left my mind.  It was a gentleman proclaiming that every child should be born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  I concur.  Every little one deserves the same start as one another, and to be given only the best in love, necessities, and development.  Silver spoons make for great token shower gifts, paired with the perfect heartwarming note.
6. Sterling Silver Plain Birks Bangle Simple.  Beautiful.  Essential.  I still have my first bangle, and can’t believe my wrist once fit inside.




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