DVF Runway & Old Navy’s The Rockstar Denim Show At Bryant Park

DVF Runway & Old Navy’s The Rockstar Denim Show At Bryant Park

The excitement of blogging is coming back to me full force, and I can’t help but feel like I’m on the cusp of my greatest contributions/self satisfying projects yet.

 New York fashion week was a wonderful whirlwind of nonstop fashion, personalities, and larger than life productions matched to amplified creativity.  If I’m completely honest with you, despite my lack of blog posting during that time, I still managed to feel completely spent by the end of it all.  Not in a weak or sick way, but in a physical I-desperately-need-to-sleep sense (something I’ll be well on my way to recovering over the course of the next few weeks – lord knows the concealer only goes so far).  Between shows and entertaining family, I had a moment to strut my stuff in Bryant Park with Old Navy for their promotion of The Rockstar Jeans (see bitter expression looking pic above).  I’ve always been a skinny jean girl (I still remember exactly when I discovered them – life changing), so an entire event showcasing their versatility on multiple body shapes was right up my alley (not to mention the live performance by the Backstreet Boys… YEAH!).  Tucked into boots, rolled up, cut and made into capris – they are the most versatile of the denim family if you ask me (even more when you choose a crisp white like yours truly).  Thin denim has transitioned into jeggings in seasons past, and the tight but unrestrictive feel of something flexible never truly goes out of style.  Best part about these (even though mine were complimentary for the show)?  There only a mere $19 until October 3rd.  Thanks for the experience Old Navy!

The past few days we’ve had to ourselves sans visitors here in NYC, and the only real thing aside from discovering the Met museum we’ve done, is sleep all day.  After weeks and weeks of nonstop action, halting and regenerating has been ultimate bliss.  I know once we get back to Montreal things will change (and for the better).  Living here is incredible, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me appreciate my home more.  If I could only have my condo placed smack dab in Manhattan… we’d have the perfect blend.  I must say I connect to the ambiance of the people in New York much more than Montreal.  While the 514 will always be my home, it’s refreshing to be in a city where there are so many contrasts.  In Montreal (or maybe it’s a Canada thing), we can be so oblivious.  It saddens me when I see people judging each other, acting petty, inauthentic, or like they should be some kind of larger than life character.  There is something to be said of the humble, of the homeless man who may one day just as easily be you, of the regular guy or gal just being themselves.  We have it so good up north, that sometimes I think it’s taken our hunger away, our survival skills to push ourselves further.  I myself notice how far too easily I get distracted and behind with my responsibilities at home, simply because I can get away with it without consequence.  It’s horrible, and it’s lazy, and it’s certainly not something I think acceptable for myself.  My stay here has not only grounded me, but made me see the truth in many things.  It has pushed me to do things differently (as hard as those changes can be to keep up).  I see how professional people are here, how little they get in return for it, and how many others just like them are waiting to willingly take their place.  I love that.  Where others may interpret that as a pressure-cooker, I see it as a vice grip forcing you to squeeze the maximum potential and promise out of yourself.  Daily.

The truth is, many people here have very little, and they make it work.  They are happy, and they are sweet, but they are unhealthy – you can see it on their faces.  It breaks my heart.  Everyone should have the basics to not wake up when they are middle aged and discover they have a fatal or permanent condition/disease from a lifetime of malnutrition/stress/strife.  Being born in Montreal, in my family, I absolutely won the lottery in life.  There are so many of us around the world, vulnerable to our location and atmosphere.  If you have (and grew up with) love, shelter, healthy food, clean water, and education – you are truly wealthy.

DVF is always one of my favourite shows for NYFW.  Not only is she probably my most loved, all-round wearable pick for women’s wear designers, but the energy that channels through everything she does is nothing short of inspiring.  I know I’ve made continuous fusses over her time and time again, but really, I think what this woman does is pretty magnificent.  With a collection infused with retro fun and colourful sentiment, everything from the expressions on the models to the complimentary accessories and detailing screamed the unmistakeable ease that can only ever come from being comfortable and confident in your own skin.  I mean these girls glowed.  While she openly motivates her models to go out showing the world the woman they want to be, it goes without saying that the pieces she creates season after season preach and speak to women already signed up for the choir.  The beauty I’ve always found in her clothing is how it translates to reality.  Let’s face it, we all don’t look like these ladies every day of the week, and how disappointing is it to see something you like on a runway, only to be let down when it doesn’t handle curves as well as you may have thought.

Her show was amongst the highlights of the week (certainly reining supreme at the Lincoln Centre).  No access for runway photographers to bother her celebrity guests.  I truly can’t wait to shop the collection, a few of these pieces absolutely must be mine…

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Perfection actualized.


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