FASHGIF & Links I Love

FASHGIF & Links I Love

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the very patient readers out there who never know when my next post is coming, and still persevere to check in and visit.  Consistency is something I’m working on, however being in a bit of a current shift, also a challenge.  As the turn of a new year approaches, I look towards a new chapter in my life.  Realism changes, working harder than I have yet to in my life, as well as more love and care towards my nearest and dearest.  I’ve been existing in a world where I give little back – to myself and others, and it’s time to reverse the roles and make good use of every gift I’ve been given.

While this post may have a holiday undertone, the real gift to the people you love is acknowledging their concerns, ails, and dreams as your own (year round).  If you have nothing in this life, it’s your moral ground, compassion, and understanding (seemingly impossible traits when they are truly done selflessly).  While my thoughts on all of these are constantly changing, I take comfort and pride in knowing that my current weaknesses will grow stronger with time.  While I love setting out to shop during the holidays, the true donations are created by hand and lead by the heart.  Take the time to really pour your efforts into something fantastically memorable this season.  Your wallet and soul will thank you equally.

  • Love these awesomely inspiring gifs?  Check out more here (the site is like a black hole for time splurging… you’ve been warned!).
  • Not only do these recipes look completely divine, but their ingredients are all in season (aka cheaper and better-tasting then their grocery shelf counterparts).  I’m all about living life a la Parisian and making homemade comfort foods chez moi.  Bon Appetit!
  • “Don’t play with your food” is now officially irrelevant.
  • I’m falling in love with natural remedies and their incredible preventative/healing benefits… look no further than your spice rack for starting inspiration (make food your medicine/immune-boosting protection).

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