Fashionista Favorite – Katrin Leblond Boutique

Fashionista Favorite – Katrin Leblond Boutique

fun times katrin leblond 336 (above – Limited Edition Pupina chokers by Montreal artist Marie Jose Lachance available at the Katrin Leblond boutique)

There are only a very select few places in this world that have the ability to make you feel like a little girl again.  That re-awaken your senses and inspire the way you choose to live.

Welcome world, to the beauty, originality and love that is the Katrin Leblond boutique.

fun times katrin leblond 337

Located on the very trendy St. Laurent strip here in the 514, Katrin’s boutique is it’s own magical fairytale land in itself.  An overload of bright colors, intricate and geometrical shapes, prints and a rich feeling of handmade LOVE.  You have to understand… mostly EVERYTHING in this store was thought of, produced and completely handcrafted by an ARTIST.  No, not the kind of “artists” from China that slave labour away all day… real artists of their chosen craft.  Felt workers, fur recyclers, jewellery makers, organic enthusiasts, crochet champions… you name it – they all seem to gather in this local hot spot for great Canadian design.

fun times katrin leblond 339

Now, this is not the first time I have posted about Katrin nor do I plan it to be anywhere near the last.  Not only is she the vivid creative force behind her own line, but her boutique houses more than 30 local and Canadian designers.  All of which who share and equally compliment the passionate and colorful aesthetic of her own line.

fun times katrin leblond 342

fun times katrin leblond 346

Gorgeous, original zipper necklaces (you can adjust at which length you choose to wear them) in various colors feature hand blown glass capsules of little treasures (feathers, beads, lockets, safety pins…).  All by the multi-talented Montreal artist Vanessa Yanow (  Always a great conversation starter and look great layered over one another – pile ’em on ladies!

fun times katrin leblond 347

Katrin is a big fan of the Classic Hardware brand.  Based out of California, the line mixes vintage glamor with a fun whimsical twist.  Pieces are made out of resin and silver plated metals giving the DNA of the brand a funky cool look infused with pop art, folklore, rock ‘n roll and a rugged approach to construction.  I have yet to see this line carried elsewhere in the 514, so I’m pretty sure it is exclusive to Katrin’s boutique!  Great for gifts for every and any personality (tried, tested and true many a times by your’s truly!)

fun times katrin leblond 349

fun times katrin leblond 354

Silk screened vintage ties are a staple in the store, as the manager Erin has a part in making them!  Her partners Barb and Aislin produce the entire collection from an entirely recycled silk screen process.  Using vintage prints and modifying them, they come up with ties that make women want to fight their man off for 😉  I personally love wearing mine as a belt with jeans (stay tuned for a featured 514 Outfit Post!)…  So cool!

fun times katrin leblond 357

Alas!  One of Katrin’s designs!  Lots of beautiful embellishments in a strikingly feminine psychedelic silk taffeta material.  Katrin does made to measure bridal dresses, each more unforgettable than the last…

fun times katrin leblond 359

Okay… I must admit, I think I must be one of the biggest fans for her bedding collection.  Personally I own about six pillowcases in variations of these to-die-for prints!  I give them away as gifts, I love them to smithereens.  Such a simple, easy and affordable way to spruce up your house, apartment or even office.  Every couch yearns for an interesting pillow companion.  Give in and make it happen.  Don’t forget to check in every so often – Kat snatches up new and playful bedding prints every season 😉

fun times katrin leblond 382

Some of the interior decor of the boutique… painted roses by Katrin’s brother Nick Leblond!

fun times katrin leblond 384

Very beautiful, and very exotic feather earrings and necklaces.  Adds a wild splash of color to any outfit!  All made local Corina Rose, all one-of-a-kind, all naturally molted and not a drop of dye used.  These are all natural baby!

fun times katrin leblond 387

Katrin’s signature and best selling Katrina dress!  Every dress is made by hand here in Montreal, and no two are exactly the same!  They all display different colors and a ruffled bustline unique to each piece!  One of a kind… and did I mention it hugs and fits every form perfectly?  From busty to hourglass, boyish to pear shaped – there is not one body type that this dress can’t compliment.  Try it on for yourself.  You’ll see (and then I can say I told you so… heheheheh…)

fun times katrin leblond 392

fun times katrin leblond 395

The dressing room gives an amazing boudoir/circus/old Hollywood feel.

fun times katrin leblond 399

Crinolines!  Oh the possibilities!  They can make a simple skirt a jaw dropping centerpiece!  Pair this with one of Katrin’s summer dresses and voila!  Instantly transformed into a kick ass party dress.  Dramatic, fun and will make you feel like an ice cream queen!  In a variety of colors, lengths and sizes… add a bit of volume and drama to your personal style.  This is a favorite amongst Katrin’s clients who are performing artists – gives that added necissary “UMPH” to their routines and captivates crowds.

fun times katrin leblond 405

Oh!  If your lucky enough, you may even be lucky enough to spot beautiful little girls in flower jackets hiding under beds!  I told you this place was magical…

fun times katrin leblond 407

Petal Pop!  A card company run entirely by Jackie Basset who plants, grows, presses and places individually with tweezers each individual flower petal on each of these homemade cards.  If that is not crazy, I sure as hell do not know what is!  Sure makes an amazing Christmas card that no one will forget anytime soon (especially when you tell them how much love it was made with – from start to finish).

fun times katrin leblond 414

Erin, the stores manager briefed me on the symbolism behind the KL brands logo.  The heart meaning love and the flowers symbolizing beauty.  The philosophy behind love and beauty being so crucial to one another is that beauty stems from the love you encounter in your everyday life.  The involvement and experiences you put out and get back.  That is the focus of the ambiance in the store – to have a beautiful encounter filled to the brim with love.  To feel all of the creative energies of so many people working together to bring something original and unique to your life and wardrobe.  To put on that favorite sweater you picked up from Kat’s boutique and remember the process you enjoyed picking it out, styling it and purchasing it.  Warm thoughts every time you grab for it 😉

fun times katrin leblond 409

Emilie Desmeules is a very popular Quebec Designer from Lac St. Jean known for her abstract yarn/applique designs and fabric construction.  All placed by hand and top stitched to perfection.  Emilie won the award for emerging textile artist last year here in Quebec, and the brands future only seems to be shining brighter.  I personally love the way she plays up transparencies and overlaps her add-on’s in a very asymmetrical way. (check out her inspiration and how the fabric-making process works on her site).

fun times katrin leblond 421

Fairytale floral bustier!  The softer side of a very sexy piece.

fun times katrin leblond 425

fun times katrin leblond 426

I LOVE this top – it feels so incredibly Parisian to me (but then again I’ve never been there, so what the hell do I know?).  None the less I feel like I could sport this with some killer red lipstick and a pair of sky high heels and cutoff Capri’s and sit all day on a french terrace sipping my latte, smoking cigarillos and inspecting vintage black and white photographs.  Hell, I may just pick up this shirt to make an excuse to do all of the above…

fun times katrin leblond 434

Katrin’s fall/winter jackets (and signature Scarfette’s to the right)!  Made in a lush velvet in rich jewel tones and a silk chiffon neck tie, this look is regal.  There is something about buttons covered in velvet that gives me goosebumps (in the good way)… reawakens memories of museum exhibits where the clothes made for Queens were all handmade and made to measure.  Where the sixty buttons down the front of a riding jacket resemble a hand quilted carpet or love seat.  Made with the same care and precision.  Scarfette’s are seen everywhere in Leblond Land… being worn as mini-scarves, in the hair, pinned to a jacket under a Fleurette (the brands signature flower brooch), tied to a handbag strap… wherever you want an instant splash of color basically!

fun times katrin leblond 441

Also… a little heads up for those of you who like to meet and greet the designers whose clothes you wear… Katrin herself can be spotted in the boutique on weekends!  Drop by and meet the master!

fun times katrin leblond 447

Now THESE I am ecstatic about.  Forever a huge Lush fan, these are by a local designer from St. Jean sur Richelieu here in Quebec!  She whips them up (for that sinfully “eatable” texture) made with all-natural ingredients and an amazing combination of scents!  Rose and chocolate, cinnamon and licorice, vanilla and lavender… oh MY!  I will be doing a giveaway soon enough with one of these… so stay tuned!!!

If you are in Montreal, I strongly suggest you check out the Katrin Leblond boutique for some good old fashioned sensory overload… if not, Internet stalking is still somewhat acceptable :p

Katrin Leblond Boutique

4647 St. Laurent Boulevard, Mtl. QC

To make an appointment to be stylized by the beautiful Erin…. 514 678 9616

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